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Plasma Cutter Hire

Plasma Cutter Hire

Professional metal cutting with a jet of hot plasma

We have a range of high quality, professional and reliable plasma cutters available for hire nationwide. Plasma cutters are used for cutting quickly, efficiently and accurately through a range of metals - including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. Our plasma cutting equipment for hire includes 240v plasma cutters, 110v Thermal Dynamics Drag Gun plasma cutters and 415v (3 phase) water cooled plasma cutters. Each of these portable plasma cutter models has different cutting capacities and they all have their own built in air compressor. The built-in compressor blows compressed air through a focused nozzle, forming an electrical arc between an electrode integrated into the nozzle and the metal that you are working on. This electrical arc causes some of the gas to ionise and create an electrically conductive channel of hot plasma. Electricity is passed from the cutting torch down through this conductive plasma, which delivers enough heat to quickly melt through the metal surface, blow away the molten metal and leave an accurate cut through the work piece. Ideal for fabrication shops, car garages, industrial sites, construction sites and salvage yards, these plasma cutters provide a fast and accurate way of cutting straight lines, bevels, holes and curves through a range of metal objects, including sheet metal, ducting, studs and more. Take a look at our plasma cutters for hire on our website, enquire online or over the phone with our hire team for a plasma cutter hire quote and to book a hire.

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