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Vibrating Beam Screed Hire
Vibrating Beam Screed Hire

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Vibrating Beam Screed Hire

We have beam screed hire available nationwide. Our concrete beam screeds offer a fast, effective and professional way to compact and level concrete fresh slabs. We have beam screeds available in a range of sizes, as well as vibrating petrol screed units, manual tamping beams and magic screeds.

Beam Screed Hire

Professional concrete screeds in a range of sizes

Beam screeds are professional pieces of concrete equipment, designed for levelling and compacting freshly laid concrete slabs when creating floors, driveways, paths and more. Our range of concrete screeds for hire includes twin beam screeds in a range of sizes, along with the petrol-powered vibrating beam screed units that are used to power them. These concrete screeds are industry standard pieces of equipment, with the petrol power unit transferring the vibration through the twin beam system, as one operator pulls back on the power unit and two operators pull on the handles at either end of the twin beam length. We also have manual hand held tamping beams available, and Magic Screed hire. Magic Screeds are innovative single beam vibrating concrete screeds that can be controlled by just one operator. They provide the fastest and most efficient way of levelling and compacting concrete slabs. Take a look at our selection of concrete screeds on our website and enquire online via our quick quote form or over the phone with our hire team to get a beam screed hire quote.

  • Petrol Vibrating Beam Screed Unit: Designed to fix to the beam screeds and transfers vibration through the metal screeds in order to level and compect the concrete slab.
  • Hand Held Beam Tamps: Manual tamping beam screeds featuring a single length of aluminium beam with handles for small slabs and floors. Available in 4.2m and 6.2m sizes.
  • Magic Screed: Innovative single beam vibrating concrete screeds that can be controlled by just one operator.