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Impact Wrench Hire
Impact Wrench Hire

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Impact Wrench Hire

We have impact wrench hire available nationwide. Our range of impact wrenches for hire includes electric, cordless & pneumatic models from top brands like Makita. They offer large amounts of torque to tighten and loosen nuts & bolts quickly and easily. They are ideal for engineers, mechanics & other tradespeople working on high volume fixing tasks on site or in the workshop.

Impact Wrench Hire

Professional tools for tightening and loosening nuts & bolts

We have a range of high quality impact wrenches for hire, from top brands such as Makita. Impact wrenches are convenient and effective power tools for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. They are ideal for engineers, mechanics and construction workers, working on site, in garages and workshops, as they speed up the process of fixing nuts and bolts.

Our range of impact wrenches for hire includes electric, cordless and pneumatic models. They are all designed to deliver a high-torque output to the shaft so that the user can assemble and disassemble nuts and bolts quickly and easily, without overexerting themselves or risking injury.

  • 13mm Cordless Impact Wrench: Compact & convenient tool powered by a rechargeable battery. Allows you to work in tight spaces and away from a mains power supply. Simple push button operation and comfortable handle make this impact wrench very easy to use. Comes supplied with a charging cable.
  • 13mm Electric Impact Wrench: Professional impact wrench, powered by 110v power supply. Tough outer casing offers great durability and variable speed mechanism and forward / reverse rotation make this tool very easy to use.
  • 18mm Electric Impact Wrench: Large professional power tool with high torque capacity - ideal for industrial applications. Powered by 110v power supply and features a side handle for improved comfort and control.
  • Air Impact Wrenches: We have a range of pneumatic impact wrenches available for hire. These tools are designed to be powered by an air compressor. They offer high performance and large amounts of torque. They are ideal for use in workshops, on construction sites, in garages and in more remote locations. Our range includes 13mm air impact wrenches and 25mm pneumatic impact wrenches.

You can book an impact wrench hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then collect it from your local branch at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you. Please note that our electric impact wrenches are 110v pieces of equipment, so a transformer and 110v extension lead will be required to use them with a 240v standard domestic mains power supply. We can supply transformers and extension leads as accessories with the hire.