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Drying Calculator

Use our handy drying calculator to figure out your dehumidification capacity

1. Measure your space

2. Space conditions

Humidity Guide

  • Extremely Dry Conditions (0-30%)
  • Very Dry Specialist Storage Conditions (30-40%)
  • Dry Specialist Storage Conditions (40-50%)
  • Normal Storage Conditions (50-60%)
  • Damp Protection (60-70%)
  • Humid Conditions: uHumid (70-100%)

Calculation based on approximate maximum moisture load and is subject to internal conditions within the space. Real world results may vary depending on factors including but not limited to; severity and source of moisture infiltration, quality/type of building construction, temperature, location and unit settings. Results provided are strictly deemed as guidance, and real world performance, functionality and suitability of units within a space cannot be guaranteed

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