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Electric Heater Hire
Electric Heater Hire

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Electric Heater Hire

We have a wide range of electric heaters for hire, from small electric radiators, blower heaters and infrared heaters for home & office use, to large industrial electric space heaters, for warehouses, workshops, factories & construction sites.

Electric Heater Hire

Easy to use portable space heaters for home, commercial & industrial use

We have a fantastic range of electric heaters available for hire nationwide at great rates. Whether you need some emergency heating for home use, a space heater for an event, or portable heating for your office, leisure facility, workshop, factory, warehouse or building site, we can supply a suitable electric heater to suit your requirements.

Our range includes small electric fan heaters and radiators, as well as infrared heaters and industrial electric space heaters. Our small electric heaters are available in both 240v and 110v options. 240v is ideal for home and office use, whilst 110v is ideal for use on construction sites and other industrial areas. We also have 3 phase (400v) industrial electric space heaters - suited to workshops, warehouses, factories and other areas with 3 phase power supply. All of our electric heaters for hire are designed to be convenient and portable, so they can be set up quickly wherever you require them, to provide a fast and effective source of heat.

Types of Electric Heater

We have electric space heaters available to suit spaces of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a domestic, commercial or industrial electric heater, we can help.

Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters, often known as 'blower heaters', draw air in with their fan and heat it using an element. Then they blow this warm air out of the front of the heater, circulating it around the space to heat the area. Our 240v 2.8kW electric fan heaters offer a great option for rooms in the home, offices, shops and more. While our 110v 2.8kW industrial fan heaters can be used on construction sites and other demanding areas where 110v power supply is used.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters provide a 100% natural type of radiant heat which heats walls, people, furniture and other objects within a space, rather than heating the air. This is a comfortable, efficient and effective form of spot heating. They are ideal for dusty or dirty environments such as workshops and construction sites, where a fan heater could blow dust around. They are also great for more open spaces, such as garages, where doors may be open often and the warm air from an electric fan heater would simply escape. Our 240v 3kW infrared radiant heaters and 110v 3kW portable infrared heaters provide a great option for a wide range of spaces - from homes, offices, schools and leisure facilities to garages, workshops, factories and construction sites.

Convector Heaters

Convector heaters work much the same way as a radiator in the home. Convection heat is an indirect form of heating where a heating element heats cold air, causing it to rise out of the top of the heater. This warm air rises to the ceiling, cools, and then drops so that the process can be repeated. Convector heaters, also known as 'electric radiators' offer a comfortable and even source of heating. Our 2kW convector heater is ideal for small enclosed spaces such as rooms in the home, small offices, shops, caravans and more.

Industrial Electric Space Heaters

Our industrial electric space heaters are large and portable electric fan heaters, run from a 3 phase (400v) power supply. They work on the same principle as our smaller domestic electric fan heaters, but on a much larger scale. The internal fan is capable of circulating huge volumes of warm air in large spaces. These industrial space heaters feature tough metal outer casings to withstand challenging areas, as well as handles and castors for portability. They can also be used with lengths of ducting, allowing the warm air to be vented into hard to reach areas on site. Our range includes 15kW industrial electric fan heaters, as well as 42kW industrial space heaters. Please note that our 3 phase industrial electric fan heaters are for industrial areas with 400v (3 phase) power supply only. They are not suitable for use with standard domestic 240v mains plug sockets.

Book an electric heater online or over the phone and then collect it from your nearest depot at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you.