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Trench Rammer Hire
Trench Rammer Hire

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Trench Rammer Hire

Trench rammers are ideal for compacting hardcore, gravel, sand or asphalt in tight areas, such as trenches, foundations, footings and excavations. They are also great for compacting cohesive soils, such as those with high clay content.

Trench Rammer Hire

Compact size. Powerful performance.

Our trench rammers are high quality, professional pieces of compaction equipment. They are ideal for use in trenches for backfilling, foundation work and other general compaction applications in tight and difficult to access areas. They are also great for compacting cohesive soils that have high clay content. This is because they deliver energy in a more focused and direct way than wacker plates - which is great for soils that require more force in order to compact them properly. We have both 4 stroke petrol trench rammers and 2 stroke trench rammers available for hire. You can book a trench rammer hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then collect the machine from your local depot at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you.

We also have vibrating wacker plates & vibrating rollers for hire.

What is a trench rammer?

A trench rammer is an upright ground compactor, with a plate on the bottom. The plate moves up and down at great speeds, powered by an engine. Trench rammers often have a pull-start mechanism for the engine, a fuel valve, choke, throttle lever and a kill switch for ease of use. Trench rammers are used for compacting sand, gravel or hardcore in trenches, foundations, footings, excavations and other apoplications where space is limited. They are also used for compacting cohesive soils with high clay content more effectively.

What is the difference between a vibrating plate and a trench rammer?

The key difference between wacker plates and trench rammers is that whilst vibrating plates (or 'wacker plates') use vibration to compact the ground, trench rammers use impact force to compact the ground. The plate on a trench rammer moves up and down at great speeds, impacting the ground to compact it effectively. This is ideal for compacting in tight spaces and for compacting cohesive soils with high clay content, as the direct impact force transfers energy more effectively into these soils than vibration does, therefore compacting them more effectively.