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Concrete Float Hire
Concrete Float Hire

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Concrete Float Hire

We have a great range of concrete floats for hire, including easy floats, fresno brooms & power floats. These professional concrete finishing tools are designed to be used on freshly laid concrete slabs, to give them a high-quality smooth or textured finish.

Concrete Float Hire

Professional concrete finishing equipment

We have a range of concrete floats available for hire nationwide. Our concrete floats are industry standard pieces of equipment designed for giving a high quality finish to freshly laid concrete slabs.

Our manual concrete floats - including our 'easy float' (sometimes referred to as a 'bull float') and big blue glider trowel - are strong and robust pieces of equipment with extending handles. They are designed for giving concrete slabs a smooth and level finish.

Our fresno brooms, or 'concrete brooms' also feature extending handles and they are designed for giving a textured non-slip finish to concrete slabs. These concrete finishing brooms are ideal for use on paths, industrial floors, forecourts and other areas with heavy foot traffic, to reduce the risk of slips and falls when the floor surface becomes wet.

We also have power floats available for hire. Our 900mm power float is a heavy duty piece of concrete finishing equipment, designed for giving larger concrete slabs a smooth and level finish, when a manual float would be slow and inconvenient.

How To Hire A Concrete Float

You can book a concrete float hire online using our website. Simply click on the type you require and go through our online booking process, or call our hire team to place an order. Our hire rates are extremely competitive! Once you have booked a hire, you can collect the concrete finishing float from your local store at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you!