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Dust Extractor Hire
Dust Extractor Hire

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Dust Extractor Hire

We have a range of high-quality dust extractors available for hire nationwide. These dust extraction vacuums are essential pieces of equipment when sawing or grinding wood, brickwork and concrete on site. These industrial dust extractors help to prevent dust from becoming airborne and posing a health & safety risk.

Dust Extractor Hire

For safe & mess-free sawing, drilling & grinding on site

The dust produced whilst sawing, drilling and grinding wood, metal, brickwork and concrete can be very harmful to the health if inhaled. It is therefore extremely important to minimise airborne dust particles when working on site, to prevent any associated injuries and illnesses.

We have a great range of high quality dust extractors for hire, which help to prevent dust from becoming airborne when working on site and to extract dust fromthe air on dusty sites. These industrial dust extraction vacuums also help to reduce mess on site, improving the quality of the work.

We have dust extrractors that can be used with drills, angle grinders and saws, which prevent dust from becoming airborne when working. We also have air scrubbers and air cubes available for hire, which work to remove airborne dust particles, pollutants and other harmful particles from the air.

For more information on dust safety, take a look at HSE Guidance on Construction Dust and HSE publication CIS69 on controlling construction dust with on-tool extraction.

Industrial Dust Extractors For Hire

M Class Dust Extractor: High quality dust extractor, ideal for use when working with hard woods, board materials, concrete and brick dust. Prevents dust from becoming airborne when using a drill, saw, angle grinder and more. M Class dust extractors are the minimum legal requirement set by HSE for use on site.

Aircube: Highly effective dust extractor in enclosed locations. Filters the air in a space to reduce airborne dust and/or create a negative air pressure in a working environment to prevent dust spreading.

Hepa Air Scrubber: Effective air filtration system for dusty work environments and renovation projects. Features a pre-filter and a HEPA filter to remove harmful dust particles from the air. The first stage of filtration captures larger particles and the second stage of filtration captures much smaller particles down to 0.3 microns. These units can also be fitted with a range of other filters to extract smoke particles, odours and mould spores, making them ideal for renovating buildings following floods and fires.

You can book a dust extractor hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then collect the machine from your local depot at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you. We can also supply a range of accessories, such as transformers and extension leads, dust bags and filters.