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Dehumidifier Hire

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Dehumidifier Hire

We have an excellent selection of drying equipment available as part of our dehumidifier hire range, including commercial dehumidifiers, building dryers, carpet dryers & infrared dryers. These units remove moisture & dry out areas with damp or following decoration, construction, leaks & floods - ideal for trade & DIY customers.

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Dehumidifier Hire

Drying equipment for home, commercial & industrial use

Dehumidifiers remove most forms of moisture from enclosed spaces quickly and efficiently. We have an excellent range of dehumidifiers and dryers available in various sizes and with small to large extraction capacities. The units we supply are portable and versatile, ideal for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Some units have internal collection tanks, others have gravity fed drain outlets, and some have integrated condensate pumps. Whatever you need, we can provide the equipment to suit your environment.


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, allowing it to evaporate from walls, floors, and objects quickly. Dehumidifiers are ideal for drying out areas with moisture issues and damp. They can prevent problems, such as mould, condensation, and mildew, while also making the environment healthier and more comfortable.

Building dryers are suitable for remediation and restoration from water damage when there has been a leak or a flood, minimising the damage to the building structure. We have commercial and industrial dehumidifiers that are ideal for construction drying, wet trade drying, drying paint, and more.

Carpet Dryers

Carpet dryers, or floor dryers, are fans that can be positioned on the ground, allowing them to project an airflow directly across wet surfaces. These fans can dry carpets and hard floors, such as tiles, vinyl, wood and more, following cleaning, a leak or a flood. They can be used with dehumidifiers and heaters to dry out spaces quicker. The increased airflow speeds up the evaporation process; if a dehumidifier is present, it will remove the moisture from the air.

Infrared Dryers

Infrared dryers are eco-friendly heaters. They use a natural process to directly warm all surfaces with radiant heat, allowing them to dry quickly. Infrared technology is a safe and natural method of heating and drying. They are ideal for plasterers, painters, wet trades, construction, and drying buildings following a leak or flood.

The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide. Take a look at our full dehumidifier hire range and book online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery.

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