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Strimmer & Brush Cutter Hire
Strimmer & Brush Cutter Hire

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Strimmer & Brush Cutter Hire

Strimmers & brush cutters can cut through long grass, thick brush & dense, stubborn vegetation like weeds & brambles. These trimmers are ideal for garden clearing & overgrowth maintenance, and they are suitable for trade & DIY customers.

Strimmer & Brush Cutter Hire

Heavy-duty garden & agriculture trimmers

Strimmers and brush cutters are powered tools that cut through long grass, thick brush and stubborn vegetation like weeds & brambles. They can also cut small trees and other foliage that is not accessible or too dense for a standard mower. These trimmers are ideal for garden clearing, overgrowth maintenance, and agriculture work. 

We have petrol strimmers with 2 stroke engines with a maximum power speed of 9000rpm. They are hard working tools, designed with low weight, excellent balance with an optimise centre of gravity and brilliant ergonomics for easy handling. These grass trimmers feature a long shaft for an extended reach and adjustable handlebars to ensure comfort for the user. Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, protecting your arms and hands.

Strimmers have a nylon cutting line on a spool. The motor spins the spool at a high rate. As the spool rotates, the nylon string becomes taut, allowing it to sever grass and light foliage. They are ideal for cutting in borders, on uneven and sloped terrain, and around objects. With one, you can trim around and near to trees, walls, structures, and ornaments with ease. They allow you to trim grass in straight lines and in a consistent, uniformed way. You can also use them to clear some overgrown vegetation.

We also have petrol brush cutters with 4 stroke, 2hp engines. They are powerful tools with low noise and clean exhaust emissions. These clearing saws are very lightweight and easy to use. Their engines can be fixed in different positions for user convenience, and both the engine and handlebar sections have a floating structure, with 4 rubber buffers that absorb vibration.

A brush cutter is very similar to a strimmer. But, instead of a nylon string on a spool, they have metal cutting heads. Brush cutters also tend to have more powerful motors. These tools are better for garden clearing. They can cut through dense brush, and thick vegetation. These brush saws are ideal for clearing areas when a lawn mower would struggle.

This equipment is available for trade and DIY customers. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are extremely competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide. Take a look at our brush cutter hire range and book online to see what is available near you, or contact us for a quote.