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We have mini dumpers & site dumpers available, including powered wheelbarrows, skip loaders, swivel skip dumpers & high capacity 3T & 6T dumpers. These machines are ideal for transporting loads across a work zone & for site clearing.

Dumper Hire

Driven dumpers, skip loaders & powered wheelbarrows

We have an excellent range of dumpers available for transporting materials, shifting loads, and clearing sites on various projects of any size. Dumpers are ideal to have on-site when there is excavation or digging taking place, as you can load them with waste and dump it directly into skips or lorries. You can also use them to transport heavy building materials, such as sand, rubble, and aggregate, and dump them into place - on the ground or directly into trenches.

Mini dumpers are perfect for use on smaller scale sites and domestic projects in gardens and yards for landscaping and agricultural work. They allow you to load and transport materials with speed. Our range includes -


  • 1T High Tip Dumper. These dumpers are ideal for working in confined areas or where access is limited. They have a narrow width of 1115mm & hydrostatic transmission, offering easy operation in tight spaces & across rough terrain. These dumpers have a 1000kg payload & an approximate 500-litre heaped capacity.  The high tip skip can raise loads to a maximum tipping height of 3000mm & the power swivel feature allows 180° rotation for incredible versatility.
  • High Tip Tracked Barrow. These efficient dumpers are ideal for types of jobs. They feature a hydrostatic twin-lock 4 wheel drive system that ensures power is always optimally distributed to each wheel for excellent performance on highly uneven surfaces. These dumpers have a 1500kg payload, 800-litre heaped capacity & continuously variable speed up to 16 km/h. The swivel tipping skip allows you to dump materials precisely, forwards & to the side for versatility.
  • 3T Forward Tip Dumper. These machines are perfect for small to medium sites. They feature straight tip skips with a 3000kg payload, allowing for bulk material transportation. These dumpers have a hydrostatic transmission for smooth & uninterrupted power across uneven terrain & user-friendly controls for ease of use.
  • 3T Swivel Dumper. Ideal for small to medium sites and featuring a 3000kg payload capacity, these dumpers can tip straight forward or 180 degrees to either side, ideal for bulk loading on busy sites
  • 6T Swivel Dumper. These powerful dumpers are designed for medium to large sites. They feature a synchro shuttle transmission that provides 4 forward and 4 reverse gears with a maximum travel speed of 26km/h. The central articulation & permanent 4 wheel drive ensures excellent traction is always maintained. These dumpers have 6000kg payload skips that tip forwards and 180 degrees to either side, allowing for bulk material movement. 

Mini Dumpers

  • Petrol Mini Dumper. These powered wheelbarrows allow for easy loading & transportation of materials, with speed, flexibility & manoeuvrability. It is versatile for all kinds of loads, with a heavy-duty design & tipping mechanism. The low position of the skip allows for fast unloading & you can tip up to 300kg of materials onto the ground or into trenches with ease. These pedestrian mini dumpers have a 4 wheel drive function & multipurpose tyres for use on challenging terrain.
  • Mini Skip Loader. These compact, walk behind mini dumpers are versatile & efficient machines for any site. They are tracked dumpers with 2 speed tracking. They allow for low speed precision manoeuvring in tight spaces & faster speeds of up to 4.4km/h for travelling across sites. These high tip dumpers have a 500kg load capacity & a hydraulic skip that can raise full loads to 1450mm, allowing you to unload directly into a waste skip or high sided lorry.

How much is it to hire a mini dumper for a day?

The day rate of a mini dumper rental can vary depending on the machine's size. Whether you are a DIY user or a trade professional, you can book our plant equipment. Enquire online or over the phone for a mini dumper hire quote. You can reach us via a quick quote form, live chat, or telephone, and our team will be able to respond to all your questions and offer you a competitive rate.