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Bumpa Hoist Hire

Bumpa hoists are robust conveyor belts that work on steep inclines. They are ideal for carrying materials to high up work areas, such as slates, bricks & tiles to roofs. Bumpa hoists can carry large loads quickly & with little effort, improving productivity & safety.

Bumpa Hoist Hire

Conveyors for lifting tiles, slates, bricks & more on to roofs.

Ideal for roofers, builders, and anyone working on a roof or high level, Bumpa hoists are efficient and versatile material lifts. These conveyor belts work on steep inclines, with a maximum angle of 65°. They can carry vast loads of building materials from a pallet directly to the work area quickly, easily, and safely. Bumpa hoists are robust and powerful, suitable for carrying tiles, fittings, felt, lead, bricks, slates, mortar and more, without damage. They can load 1000 tiles onto a roof in under 25 minutes. Bumpa hoists can work forwards and in reverse, so they are just as effective for removing and salvaging old materials.

We have 2 sizes of petrol and electric Bumpa hoists available. The 8m Bumpa hoists have a maximum working height of 7m, and the 10m bumpa hoists have a maximum working height of 9m. All models have a maximum payload of 80kg and are suitable for single to 3 storey buildings. Bumpa hoists are easy to erect and operate, with a folding design allowing for compact dimensions during storage and transit. Electric Bumpa hoists are 110v pieces of equipment and require a transformer and 110v extension leads for use with a 240v domestic power socket.

Our equipment is available for trade and DIY customers. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide. Take a look at our Bumpa hoist hire range and contact us online or over the phone to see what is available in your area and for a quote.

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