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Material Lift Hire

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Material Lift Hire

We have an excellent range of material lifting equipment available, including Genie lifts, Superlifts, hoists, floor cranes, panel lifters & more. We also supply a range of Genie Superlift accessories, such as fork extensions, load platforms, pipe cradles & boom attachments.

Material Lift Hire

Efficient material lifting equipment

Material lifts are versatile machines for shifting, handling, and suspending many objects safely and efficiently in many industries. They can lift storage boxes, ducting, pipework, air con units, electricals, building materials, machinery, and much more.

Engine Hoists

Engine hoists lift engines out of and into vehicles and move them safely around a workplace. They can also be used for lifting, moving and lowering a range of other loads in industrial environments. Our floor canes feature a three-position fully-extendible jib with a handle and solid lifting hook, and a swivelling cylinder and pump unit. You can position any suspended load quickly and precisely. We have engine cranes with 1 tonne and 2 tonne safe working loads available.

Genie Superlifts

Genie Superlifts are compact, manual material handlers with versatile load carrying capabilities. They have a narrow profile to fit through narrow entrances, corridors, and congested areas. Genie Lifts have a patented telescopic aluminium mast with durable steel forks. The mast extends and retracts steadily using a winch mechanism. The SLA10 has a maximum lift height of 4.49m and a safe working load of 454kg. The SLA15 has a maximum lift height of 4.98m and a safe working load of 363kg. The SLA20 has a maximum lift height of 6.46m and a safe working load of 363kg. The SLA25 has a maximum lift height of 7.94m and a safe working load of 204kg. 

We also supply an excellent range of Genie Superlift accessories for versatility and adaptability for specific applications.

  • Fork Extensions.  These heavy-duty forks extend the reach of the standard forks by an additional 640mm. The added length allows the Superlift to lift larger pallets, boxes & other loads.
  • Load Platforms. These load platform attachments transform the standard forks into a versatile flatbed lift. The flat platform slots into the ends of the standard forks & rest on top of them, providing a solid base.
  • Pipe Cradles. These cradles adapt the standard forks to safely and securely hold & lift lengths of pipe, tube & conduit. You place the frames on top of the forks & lock them into place with U-Turn bolts & wingnuts.
  • Boom Attachments. These boom attachments transform a Superlift into a mobile vertical crane or hoist. They replace the standard fork component & are locked into the tray of the lifting mechanism.

Genie Super Hoists

Genie Super Hoists are CO2 or compressed air powered telescopic material lifts. They lift and position materials for installation, and they are suitable for drywall, air ducts, plumbing, ceiling panels, air conditioning units, heaters, chimney pipe, electrical fixtures, and more. The GH 3.8 has a lifting capacity of 136kg to 3.8m, and the GH 5.6 has a lifting capacity of 113kg to 5.6m.

We also have panel lifters and maintenance hole cover lifters available. Our equipment is available to trade and DIY customers nationwide. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide Take a look at our material lift hire range and book online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery.