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Indirect Heater Hire
Indirect Heater Hire

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Indirect Heater Hire

We have a great range of indirect fuel fired space heaters available for heating large spaces, such as workshops, building sites, halls, marquees, arenas & more. Indirect heaters produce clean, fume-free heat for places where people are present

Indirect Heater Hire

Clean heat for enclosed & populated areas

Indirect heaters are designed to heat enclosed areas with little ventilation and spaces with people present, such as marquees, tents, workshops, building sites, showrooms and more. Indirect diesel space heaters pump out large volumes of warm air, but they expel the fumes, odours, and moisture produced during combustion separately via an exhaust flue. These heaters are powerful, efficient, and versatile. They can be utilised in many ways for different applications.

  • Heat spaces externally. The indirect heater is placed outside the area to be heated & the warm air is ducted inside. The fumes are free to escape into the air, out of harm's way. This is ideal for events and marquee hire industries as the perfect option for keeping guests warm.
  • Heat spaces internally. The indirect heater is placed inside the area to be heater & heats the air directly. The flue must be built to direct the fumes out of a sealed roof, window or vent. This is ideal for agricultural & horticultural heating, such as keeping livestock warm in barns & stables.
  • Heat spaces for drying. As indirect heaters provide clean, dry air & exhaust moisture separately, they do not raise the relative humidity of the spaces that they heat. They are ideal for speeding up the drying times of buildings under construction & after leaks or floods.

Our equipment is available for trade and DUY customers. The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide. Take a look at our full indirect heater hire range and book online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery.