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Pipe Cutter Hire
Pipe Cutter Hire

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Pipe Cutter Hire

We have pipe cutter hire available nationwide. Our range of pipe cutting tools for hire includes chop saws and reciprocating saws, as well as soil pipe cutters, manual pipe cutters, electric pipe saws, orbital pipe cutters and hydraulic pipe cutters from top brands such as Rems & Ridgid.

Pipe Cutter Hire

Excellent range of pipe saws & pipe cutters available to hire

We have a great range of high quality, professional pipe cutting equipment available for hire nationwide, from top brands such as Rems & Ridgid. Our range includes chop saws, reciprocating saws, circular pipe saws and orbital pipe cutters, soil pipe cutters, hydraulic pipe cutters and more. Ideal for plumbers and other tradespeople, our professional pipe cutting tools allow you to cut pipes quickly, efficiently and accurately in the workshop and on site. You can book a pipe cutter hire online or over the phone and either collect it from your local store at the start of the hrie or we can deliver it to you. We can also supply any blades, transformers and extension leads required.

  • Chop Saws: Handy tabletop saws for cutting through copper and steel pipes, rods, conduit, box sections and more. We have standard metal chop saws and TCT mitre saws for hire.
  • Soil Pipe Cutter: Simple & effective manual pipe cutters for cutting clay, cement and cast iron pipes. Features a chain which wraps around the pipe and is tightened, causing the pipe to cut cleanly in two.
  • Hydraulic Pipe Cutters: Professional pipe cutters for large steel pipes, available in a range of sizes, including 200mm and 300mm. Feature a foot pump which applies pressure to the pipe from the blade. Uses a power drive unit  to drive the cutting blade.
  • Manual Pipe Cutters: Used for cutting small pipes quickly and easily. Available in a range of sizes, including 50mm and 150mm. Fixed to the pipe and pushed and pulled around the pipe in order to score the pipe through, breaking it into two clean separate pieces.