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Electric Reciprocating Saw Hire

Electric Reciprocating Saw

Category: Garden Clearing
  • Tool-Less Blade Change
  • Tool-Less Adjustable Heavy-Duty Shoe
  • Trigger Switch With Lock-Off Lever
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Double Insulation
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  • Hire for DIY or Trade

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  • Reciprocating Saw Hire

    110v recip saw

    These electric reciprocating saws are easy to use, versatile and extremely effective for cutting a range of materials, including wood, plastics, and metal. They are ideal for a range of construction, demolition, gardening and rescue jobs, these reciprocating saws can be fitted with a range of different blades to suit various applications.

    These recip saws have a variable speed system, electronic brake, aluminium gearbox housing, 3-point, heavy-duty adjustable shoe, and a fast tool-free blade change system. They also have ergonomic handles with a trigger switch with lock-off lever. You should wear protective gloves whilst using the electric reciprocating saw, as well as eye protection and a dust mask, to prevent injuries caused by dust produced when sawing through some materials. You should also wear ear defenders to protect your hearing. We can also supply a transformer and a 110v extension lead as optional accessories.

    We have a range of blades available for these reciprocating saws. You can add them to your order during checkout:

    150mm Flexible Cut Metal Reciprocating Blades
    Cuts wood and metal - Steel, stainless steel, alloys, cast iron. Wood with nails, pallet cutting, steel pipe 3-8mm.
    Bi-metal reciprocating blade, flexible to resist snapping.
    Overall Length: 150mm
    Aluminium: 3 - 8mm
    Stainless Steel: 3 - 8mm
    Mild Steel: 3 - 8mm
    Pack Quantity: 5

    200mm Flexible Cut Metal Reciprocating Blades
    Cuts wood and metal - Steel, stainless steel, alloys, cast iron. Wood with nails. Steel and non-ferrous metals, steel pipe 1.5-3mm section.
    Bi-metal reciprocating blade, flexible to resist snapping.
    Overall Length: 200mm
    Plastics: 3 - 160mm
    Mild Steel: 1.5 - 3mm
    Pack Quantity: 5

    150mm Wood / Plastics Reciprocating Blades
    Very quick cutting blade for wood, plastics & polystyrene foam. Suitable for curves and bevels.
    Overall Length: 150mm
    Plywood: 3 - 30mm
    Plastics: 3 - 75mm
    Pack Quantity: 5

    300mm Wood Reciprocating Blades
    For coarse cutting, tree branch cutting, pruning etc. Long blade with intermittent tooth pattern to clear blade of green wood chippings.
    Overall Length: 300mm
    Plywood: 3 - 250mm
    Pack Quantity: 5

    220mm Rescue & Demolition Reciprocating Blades
    For demolition and rescue. Cuts steel and nail embedded wood. Very useful for emergency rescue situations as well as medium finish cutting of pallets, windows etc. Symmetrical head-geometry with centring-tip for optimised results in the event of reinforcement. Bi-metal blade. Cuts steel and nail embedded wood.
    Overall Length: 220mm
    Plywood: 1 - 180mm
    Pack Quantity: 5

  • Based On: Makita Reciprocating Saw JR3050T
    Max in Wood: 255mm
    Max Cut in Pipe: 90 - 130mm
    Strokes per Minute: 0-2800spm
    Stroke Length: 28mm
    Noise Sound Pressure: 88dB(A)
    Noise Sound Power: 99dB(A)
    Noise K Factor: 3dB(A)
    Vibration K Factor: 2.5m/sec²
    Vibration - Cutting Chipboard: 22m/sec²
    Weight: 3.3kg

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

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