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Compactor Hire

Whether you are laying a concrete slab or building a patio, proper compaction is essential to ensuring a durable and long-lasting structure. Our range of compaction equipment - including wacker plates, vibrating rollers and trench rammers - helps to get the job done properly.

Compactor Hire

Wacker plates, vibrating rollers & trench rammers available nationwide at great rates

Whether you are a tradesperson or a DIY customer looking to compact earth, sand or hardcore as part of a construction project, you can hire a professional compactor plate from National Tool Hire Shops. Effective compaction of soil removes gaps of air, making the ground more dense and more capable of supporting weight, ensuring a durable, long-lasting structure built on solid foundations.

Our range of compaction equipment for hire includes wacker plates, vibrating rollers and trench rammers. Our wacker plates are industry standard Belle compactor plates. These easy to use machines offer fast and effective results, whether you are compacting an area before laying foundations, or building a patio in your garden. We also have forward / reverse plate compactors for more professional use, as well as pedestrian vibrating rollers, ride on tandem rollers and 2 stroke & 4 stroke trench rammers.

You can book a compactor hire online or over the phone with our hire team. Then you can collect the equipment from your local store at the start of the hire or we can deliver to you. Our hire rates are extremely competitive and our delivery rates are some of the best in the hire industry!

Types of Compactors

Wacker Plates

Wacker plates - also commonly referred to as plate compactors or vibrating plates - are pieces of construction equipment that feature a metal base plate with an engine or motor on top. The engine or motor causes the base plate to vibrate. This vibrating action allows the machine to compact materials on the ground, including earth, sand and hardcore, to create a solid surface and a level grade. Plate compactors are usually available in a choice of different sizes and, whilst most are petrol powered, some electric models are available.

Our range of wacker plates for hire includes standard 320mm wacker plates and larger 400mm vibrating plates. These models are perfect for DIY and professional applications, such as compacting an area for a patio, shed or driveway. Our electric plate compactor is ideal for indoor use, or use in poorly ventilated areas, where a petrol-powered machine would cause a safety hazard due to lack of ventilation. These compactors move forwards as they vibrate and they can be controlled simply by directing them using the handle. We also have petrol and diesel forward / reverse plate compactors available – ideal for more professional use. These vibrating plates can be used in both forward and reverse direction.

For more information on wacker plates, take a look at our guide, How To Use A Wacker Plate.

Vibrating Rollers

Vibrating rollers are larger, more professional compactors designed for use on construction sites and roadworks jobs. Our range includes walk-behind vibrating rollers as well as large ride-on vibrating rollers. You can book a pedestrian vibrating roller hire online or over the phone with our hire team. For our larger ride-on rollers, contact our plant hire team via telephone or online enquiry for a quote.

Trench Rammers

Trench rammers are slim compactors, ideal for use in tighter areas where a larger plate compactor is unsuitable, such as trenches and foundations. They are also ideal for compacting cohesive soils with high clay content. Their smaller plate delivers more focused and direct energy transfer - perfect for cohesive soils which require more force in order to compact them properly.

Popular Compactors Products

Petrol Wacker Plate

Ideal for Repair & Domestic Work

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Petrol Wacker Plate
Average UK Price £85.11
Our Price From £48.16

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400mm Petrol Wacker Plate

Ideal for Site Compaction Jobs

DIY & Trade  |   Save 41%   |  Best Availability

400mm Petrol Wacker Plate
Average UK Price £85.11
Our Price From £50.47

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Cement Mixer & Vibrating Plate Package

For Mixing & Tamping Cement

DIY & Trade  |   Save 53%   |  Best Availability

Cement Mixer & Vibrating Plate Package
Average UK Price £124.97
Our Price From £58.72

  FREE Delivery


From 1st April 2022, our suppliers will only fuel machines with white diesel. This is due to new government guidelines.

If you, as the hirer, refuel any equipment while it is in your possession, it must be with WHITE DIESEL.


If you return a machine refuelled with rebated diesel, suppliers will have to remove and dispose of the fuel. They must also flush the tank and supply lines before they can refuel them. The process is chargeable, with no exceptions.


An insurance charge will be calculated at checkout. If you have proof of your own Hired-In Plant Insurance (HIPI) and wish to opt-out of the insurance charge, you can do so by booking via Live Chat.

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