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Drill Hire

We have a great range of drills for hire, including standard electric drills, cordless drills, SDS drills, diamond core drills and magnetic drills. Whether you are a tradesperson working on site or a homeowner doing some DIY, we can provide you with quality drilling equipment from the best brands in the business, including Makita & Husqvarna.

Drill Hire

Professional standard drills for trade & DIY

Our range of drilling equipment for hire offers everything from standard electric and cordless rotary drills, to SDS drills, diamond core drills and magnetic drills. All of our equipment is high quality, professional standard kit from the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Makita and Husqvarna. Whether you are doing some home DIY or working on site, we have suitable drills for hire nationwide.

  • Standard Electric Drills: Our range of standard electric rotary drills for hire consistent of rotary drills, percussion drills and angle drills. These professional 110v drills are ideal for onsite use or at home. A transformer and 110v extension lead will be required to use these drills with a 240v domestic mains plug socket. We can supply transformers, extension leads and drill bits as accessories to the hire.
  • Cordless Drills: Our cordless drill range offers compact, convenient and portable solutions for drilling in places without a power supply, and for working in confined or awkward areas. We have battery-powered cordless combi drills, cordless drill drivers and cordless SDS drills.
  • SDS Drills: Our range of professional standard SDS drills includes light duty and heavy duty options, as well as cordless options. SDS drills have special chucks and drill bits, which combine the rotary action of a standard drill with a pulsating hammering action. This allows SDS drills to drill effectively through tougher materials such as brick, concrete, masonry and steel. Read our blog to find out more, What is an SDS drill?
  • Diamond Core DrillsCore drills are professional pieces of drilling equipment for builders, plumbers, electricians and more. They can be used to create openings of various sizes in walls and floors, for installing cables, pipes, extractor fans, HVAC systems and more. They can be used handheld or with a drilling rig and a water pump system to keep the core cool during drilling.
  • Magnetic Drills: Also known as mag drills and broaching drills, these professional pieces of drilling equipment can be used on site and in workshops for drilling accurate and precise holes through metal. Their magnetic base allows them to be fixed securely to the metal surface and the handle allows the cutter to be lowered accurately into the material.

You can book a drill hire online using our booking system or over the phone with our hire team. We can supply transformers and extension leads if required, as well as drill bits in a range of sizes. You can collect the drilling equipment from your local branch at the start of the hire, or we can deliver directly to you.


From 1st April 2022, our suppliers will only fuel machines with white diesel. This is due to new government guidelines.

If you, as the hirer, refuel any equipment while it is in your possession, it must be with WHITE DIESEL.


If you return a machine refuelled with rebated diesel, suppliers will have to remove and dispose of the fuel. They must also flush the tank and supply lines before they can refuel them. The process is chargeable, with no exceptions.


An insurance charge will be calculated at checkout. If you have proof of your own Hired-In Plant Insurance (HIPI) and wish to opt-out of the insurance charge, you can do so by booking via Live Chat.

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