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Floor Scrubber Dryer Hire

We have a fantastic range of professional scrubber dryer machines for hire nationwide, from top brands such as Karcher & Nilfisk. We have both pedestrian & ride on floor scrubber dryers for hire, ideal for commercial & industrial floor cleaning jobs.

Floor Scrubber Dryer Hire

Industrial floor cleaning machines from Karcher & Nilfisk

Our range of industrial floor scrubber dryer machines for hire includes both walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers, from the best brands in the business - Karcher & Nilfisk. These professional floor scrubbers are designed for commercial & industrial floor cleaning jobs, in supermarkets, hotels, halls, warehouses, factories, airports, train stations & more.

These floor scrubber dryers feature internal water tanks, scrubbing brushes or rollers, squeegees and a vacuum - they simultaneously scrub the floor clean and dry it in one pass, removing dirt and grime from all kinds of hard floor surfaces. They offer faster, more effective and economical cleaning and no waiting time for drying.

Our range of scrubber dryers for hire includes compact pedestrian scrubber dryers, as well as ride-on floor scrubbers, in a wide range of sizes. So no matter the size of the area you need to cover - whether it be a cafe, restaurant, office, school, hospital, warehouse or factory - we can supply a suitable scrubber dryer. Take a look at our range on our wesite and enquire online or over the phone for a floor scrubber dryer hire quote.

What is a floor scrubber dryer?

Floor scrubber dryers are professional floor cleaning machines. They are often battery powered and they feature an internal water tank and spray, rotating scrubbing brushes or rollers, a vacuum and a squeegee. The machine sprays cleaning solution on to the floor, scrubs dirt and grime from the floor and then vacuums and squeegees the floor to remove the water and dirt from the floor surface - cleaning and drying the floor in a single pass.

Also referred to as 'floor scrubbers' and 'scrubber driers', these industrial floor cleaning machines are available in a wide range of sizes, from compact walk-behind machines, to large ride-on machines.

Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers

Pedestrian floor scrubber dryers are walk-behind floor cleaning machines. They come in a wide range of sizes - from slim and compact units such as the Karcher Scrubber Dryer 350mm for cleaning aisles in shops and corridors in buildings, to large heavy duty machines such as the Nilfisk SC800 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer, for cleaning large open areas of floor in hotels, supermarkets, halls and more.

Ride-On Scrubber Dryers

Ride-on floor scrubber dryers are industrial floor cleaning machines, ideal for cleaning larger floor areas quickly and effectively. They are often used in large open spaces, such as warehouses, airports, factories and busy public areas. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from compact machines for areas with tight corners and obstacles, such as the Nilfisk SC2000, to large units such as the Karcher BR100/250 Scrubber Dryer for large open areas of floor in warehouses and more.

Why hire a floor scrubber dryer?

Professional floor scrubber dryer machines are expensive pieces of kit. Purchasing one of these machines is a big outlay for a company or a cleaning contractor. Renting a floor scrubber dryer allows access to professional kit, without having to buy the machine yourself or worry about upkeep, maintenance costs or storage. You can book a floor scrubber dryer hire easily through our hire team. Our rates are every competitive and we will deliver the machine to you at the start of the hire period and pick it up again at the end of the hire! They are generally very easy to use and come with full instructions.

Reasons to hire an industrial floor scrubber dryer

  • Value for money: Get access to professional kit without having to purchase it yourself. Our hire rates are extremely competitive!
  • Convenience: Renting a professional floor scrubber machine offers a faster and more effective way of cleaning a floor in a large, busy commercial or industrial area than doing the job manually.
  • Safety: Our floor scrubber dryers both clean and dry the floor in a single pass, so they don’t leave floors wet and unsafe. The risk of slips and falls is greatly reduced.
  • Effectiveness: Floor scrubber dryers offer effective cleaning of all kinds of hard floor surfaces, in all kinds of environments. They can be used on painted concrete floors, hardwood floors, tiled floors and more. The wide range of types and sizes of machine on offer provides an option for any area.
  • Ease of Use: Our floor scrubber dryers are designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. It does not take long to get to grips with the machine and complete professional cleaning jobs quickly and easily.

How to hire a scrubber dryer

Enquire online or over the phone with our hire team for a floor scrubber dryer hire quote. We will provide you with a competitive hire quote and if you agree to the hire, you can pay by card or bank transfer. Then we will deliver the machine to you at the start of the hire period and collect it again at the end of the hire period. For more information on our range of floor scrubbers for hire and how to hire, simply contact our hire team via online live chat or telephone.

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