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Floor Sweeper Hire

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Floor Sweeper Hire

Our floor sweepers are industrial floor cleaning machines, ideal for cleaning a range of commercial and industrial floors to remove dust, dirt, debris & litter. We have both pedestrian and ride-on floor sweepers & road sweepers for hire nationwide.

Floor Sweeper Hire

Clear dust, dirt, debris & litter from a range of floor surfaces

We have a wide range of floor sweepers available for hire nationwide – from compact pedestrian sweepers, right up to large ride-on industrial sweepers & road sweepers. The models in our range are manufactured by top brands in the business – Karcher, Nilfisk & Topfloor – so reliable performance and effective cleaning is assured.

Our professional floor sweepers quickly and efficiently sweep dust, dirt and debris from almost all types of indoor and outdoor floor surface. They can be used in commercial, industrial & busy public areas such as supermarkets, arenas & hotels, workshops, warehouses and factories, or airports, car parks, pedestrian walkways & roads. Hiring a floor sweeper or road sweeper is ideal for private companies with shops, airports, train stations, car parks, workshops and warehouses, as well as maintenance & cleaning contractors and local authorities.

We have floor sweeper hire available nationwide at highly competitive prices. Take a look at our range of professional sweepers for hire on our website and contact our specialist hire team online or via telephone for more information and to get a quote.

What is a floor sweeper?

Floor sweepers are floor cleaning machines that feature rotating brushes and an internal waste collection tank. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from small walk-behind pedestrian sweepers, to large ride-on machines and road sweepers. Industrial sweepers are often battery powered, though larger ride-on models and road sweepers are sometimes diesel or LPG powered. The rotating brushes spin over the floor surfaces, collecting dust, dirt, debris and litter and directing it into the waste collection tank within the sweeper. The waste collection tank can be emptied into a bin or skip.

Professional floor sweepers are ideal for keeping floors clear of dirt, dust and debris in commercial, industrial and busy public spaces, to prevent safety hazards and keep the area clean and tidy. They are extremely useful in areas that produce lots of dust, such as workshops, as well as busy public spaces where lots of dirt and litter can accumulate on the floor.

Pedestrian Floor Sweepers

Pedestrian floor sweepers are ideal for use in corridors, aisles, paths, workshops and other small spaces or tight areas where there are obstacles to negotiate. Models such as the Karcher KM 75/40 W Small Pedestrian Sweeper can be used both outdoors and indoors to sweep up dirt, dust and small debris from the floor surface, improving safety by reducing trip hazards and making the area look much nicer and cleaner. Our range of walk-behind sweepers also includes a range of specialist models for cleaning escalators effectively, such as the Karcher 45/10 Escalator Cleaner.

Ride-On Floor Sweepers

Ride on floor sweepers are ideal for use in larger open spaces, such as warehouses, factories, airports, train stations. They allow fast, effective and efficient sweeping of larger areas of floor. Compact ride-on industrial sweepers such as the Topfloor TF100R-TRS allow large areas of floor to be covered, yet are slim enough to move around objects and obstacles in areas such as airports and train stations. Whilst larger industrial sweepers such as the Karcher KM130/300R Floor Sweeper are ideal for sweeping large open spaces in warehouses, factories and car parks. We also have ride on combi floor sweeper / scrubbers such as the Karcher B100/250RI Combi Scrubber & Sweeper, which sweeps the floor clear of debris, scrubs it with a cleaning solution and dries it with a vacuum and squeegee – ideal for all-round floor cleaning in large industrial spaces.

Road Sweepers

Road sweepers are large industrial ride-on sweepers, designed for use on roads, in large car parks and in public pedestrian areas. Models such as the Karcher MC50 City Mini Road Sweeper are perfect for local authorities and maintenance companies for sweeping debris and litter from roads, pedestrian areas, pavements and more.

Why hire a floor sweeper?

Professional floor sweeper machines are expensive pieces of equipment. Purchasing an industrial sweeper is a big outlay for a company, a cleaning contractor or a local authority. Renting a floor sweeper or road sweeper allows access to professional kit, without having to buy the machine yourself or worry about upkeep, maintenance costs or storage. You can book a floor sweeper hire easily through our hire team. Our rates are every competitive and we will deliver the machine to you at the start of the hire and pick it up again at the end of the hire! The sweepers in our range are generally very easy to use and come with full instructions.

Reasons to hire an industrial floor sweeper

  • Value: Get access to professional cleaning equipment without having to purchase it yourself. Our hire rates are extremely competitive!
  • Convenience: Booking an industrial sweeper hire offers a faster and more effective way of cleaning a floor in a busy commercia, industrial or public area than doing the job manually.
  • Safety: Our floor sweepers effectively clear dust, dirt, debris and litter from the floor surface, reducing the risk of slips and trips, and preventing problems with a build-up of dust in an area.
  • Effectiveness: Our industrial floor sweepers offer effective cleaning of all kinds of hard floor surfaces, in all kinds of environments. They can be used indoors and outdoors on hardwood floors, concrete floors, tiled floors, tarmac and more. The wide range of types and sizes of sweeper on offer provides an option for any area.
  • Ease of Use: Our industrial sweepers are designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. It does not take long to get to grips with the machine and complete professional cleaning jobs quickly and easily.

How to hire a professional floor sweeper

Enquire online or over the phone with our hire team for a floor sweeper hire quote. We will provide you with a competitive hire quote and if you decide to go ahead with the hire, you can pay by card or bank transfer. We will then deliver the sweeper to you at the start of the hire and collect it again at the end of the hire. For more information on our range of floor sweepers and road sweepers for hire, and how to hire, simply contact our hire team via online live chat or telephone.