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Tile Cutter Hire

We have tile cutter hire available nationwide for both DIY & trade customers. Our range includes both hand tile cutters, for cutting smaller porcelain tiles, as well as 'wet' diamond tile cutters for cutting larger natural stone tiles. These tile cutters provide a fast and accurate way of cutting tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors.

Most Popular

Manual Tile Cutter

Hand Operated & Easy

  • Hand Operated Tile Cutters
  • Simple 'Score & Snap' Operation
  • Makes Straight Cuts
  • Easy To Use
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers
  • Ideal For Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles
  • 600mm & 900mm Sizes Available
from £37.35

   DIY & Trade
   Save 22%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 352 Locations

Electric Diamond Tile Cutter

Professional Standard Results

  • Diamond Blade
  • Easy To Use
  • Water Recovery System
  • Wet Tile Cutting
  • Suitable For Natural Stone Tiles
from £47.73

   DIY & Trade
   Save 50%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 365 Locations

1000mm Tile Saw Bench

Convenient, Versatile Bridge Saw

  • Swivel Mounted Cutting Head
  • 350mm Blade
  • Linear Bearings
  • 2 Stainless Steel Rails
  • Lightweight & Portable
from £146.30

   DIY & Trade
   Save 19%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 292 Locations

Tile Cutter Hire

Professional tile cutting equipment for DIY & trade users

Whether you are a trade professional or a home owner doing some DIY, we have a range of high quality tile cutting tools for hire nationwide. Our range includes simple manual tile cutters for cutting small porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as electric 'wet' tile cutters with diamond blades for cutting larger and more robust natural stone tiles. We also have bench saws available for hire, for more heavy duty use. Our tile cutters are professional pieces of equipment that provide accurate cuts, to give your tiled wall or floor the most professional finish. You can book a tile cutter hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then either collect the equipment from your local store at the start of the hire or we can deliver it to you.

  • Manual tile cutter / hand tile cutter: Ideal for DIY or professional use when you need to make straight and accurate cuts in ceramic and porcelain tiles. Manual tile cutters are very easy to use. They operate on a two-step process of scoring and then snapping the tile. The blade is moved across the surface of the tile to leave a score in the tile and then pressure is applied using the handle to snap the tile cleanly along the scored line. Hand tile cutters are very effective at making simple straight cuts, but they are not able to achieve curved cuts.
  • Electric diamond tile cutter / wet tile cutter: A 'wet tile saw' is an electric power tool that uses a water-cooled diamond blade to make quick work of cutting larger and thicker tiles, such as natural stone. The diamond blade does not have teeth, which makes it ideal for more delicate cutting needs. Wet tile saws can be used indoors, but are recommended for outdoor use. These electric tile cutters are known as 'wet tile cutters' as they feature a pump which sprays a stream of water over the blade while it is running to keep it from overheating.
  • Tile saw bench: These 1000mm bench saws are ideal for use by trade professionals, when cutting large amounts of tiles on site. They allow thick and robust tiles to be cut quickly and easily, in large numbers.

From 1st April 2022, our suppliers will only fuel machines with white diesel. This is due to new government guidelines.

If you, as the hirer, refuel any equipment while it is in your possession, it must be with WHITE DIESEL.


If you return a machine refuelled with rebated diesel, suppliers will have to remove and dispose of the fuel. They must also flush the tank and supply lines before they can refuel them. The process is chargeable, with no exceptions.


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