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Air Conditioner Hire
Air Conditioner Hire

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Air Conditioner Hire

If you are looking for air conditioning hire for your home, office, shop, restaurant, bar or workshop, we can help. We have portable air con units for hire in a range of sizes, ideal for keeping rooms cool and comfortable during warm summer months.

Air Conditioner Hire

Portable air conditioning units available for hire nationwide

Our range of portable air conditioners for hire includes models in a selection of sizes, for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Portable air con units are perfect for keeping rooms cool and comfortable during hot summer months at home, in an office, at a cafe, restaurant or leisure facility.

Air conditioning units are designed for cooling indoor spaces. They use a fan to draw air into the unit, where it is cooled through the use of refrigerant gas. The cool air is circulated out of the front of the air con unit while warm exhaust air and moisture is vented out the back of the machine and out of the space through a window, using flexible tubing provided.

We have air conditioner hire available from depots all over the country. You can book a portable air con hire online or over the phone and collect it from your nearest store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you.

Domestic Air Conditioners

Our small portable air conditioner for hire is a 2.2kW portable air con unit, ideal for keeping rooms in the home cool during hot summer days. It can also be used in small offices, shops, cafes, workshops, classrooms and more.

Commercial Air Conditioners

Our larger portable air con units, such as our 7.3kW large portable air conditioner and our 7.3kW commercial air conditioner, are ideal for larger commercial spaces such as offices, shops, restaurants, bars and more. They feature cool air outlet ducts which can be individually adjusted to point the cool air where it is needed most.

Industrial Air Conditioners

Our water cooled split air conditioner is a large portable air con unit with a main unit which sits inside the space, as well as an external unit which sits outside the space. The two units are connected via a length of umbilical cable, which features a power cable and water flow and return hoses. These large portable air conditioners are ideal for cooling large commercial & industrial spaces such as shops, offices, server rooms, workshops and more.

Please note that air con units are designed for indoor use only. They are not for use outdoors or in spaces with lots of open windows and doors. If you need to cool an open or outdoor space like a garage, warehouse or terrace, an evaporative air cooler provides a suitable alternative.