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Plate Compactors

Our range of vibrating plate compactors includes petrol & electric whackers, as well as forward/reverse vibrating plates. These are essential pieces of equipment for compacting earth, sand and hardcore on DIY & professional construction jobs.

Plate Compactors

Professional standard vibrating wacker plates

We have plate compactors available nationwide at great rates, for both DIY customers and trade customers! Our range includes high quality, professional standard whackers in a choice of sizes, including 320mm petrol, 400mm petrol and 380mm electric. We also have petrol and diesel forward / reverse plate compactors available for hire. These professional standard pieces of equipment can be used on a range of projects, to compact earth, sand & hardcore prior to laying a concrete slab, to ensure solid and long-lasting results.

Petrol Vibrating Plates

Our 320mm petrol wacker plates and 400mm petrol whackers are industry-standard compactor plates - they are the most popular and commonly used wacker plates in the industry. They are ideal for small DIY jobs, professional jobs and roadworks. As they have a petrol engine, they must only be used in well-ventilated outdoor spaces. They are ideal for compacting the ground before building a patio or shed, before laying a driveway, or for repairing potholes in the road.

Electric Vibrating Plates

We also have 380mm 110v electric whackers. These compactors are ideal for use indoor or in poorly-ventilated areas, where a petrol-powered plate compactor would cause a hazard due to the exhaust fumes from the engine. As they are 110v pieces of equipment, a transformer would be required to power one of these electric plate compactors using domestic 240v power supply. We can supply a transformer and 110v extension leads with the hire, giving you everything you need to get the job done.

For more information on our wacker plates, take a look at our blog, How To Use A Wacker Plate.

Reversible Vibrating Plate Compactors

Whilst standard wacker plates operate in forward direction only, our forward / reverse plate compactors can operate in both directions. These vibrating plates are heavy duty compactors for more demanding jobs on site, such as preparing ground for laying a large concrete slab, or roadworks. We have both 400mm petrol forward / reverse vibrating plates and 400mm diesel forward / reverse plate compactors.

We also have a range of packages available which give you a compactor plate along with other equipment, at a reduced price compared to hiring each machine separately. You can book a plate compactor plate hire online or over the phone and then collect the machine from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver it to you.

We also have trench rammers and vibrating rollers for hire.