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Wallpaper Stripper Hire

We have an excellent range of equipment for removing wallpaper and wallcoverings, including strippers, steamers, hot air guns & drywall sanders. Available for trade & DIY customers, these tools help you take down old wallpaper, vinyl, woodchip, paint & more quickly & easily.

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240v Wallpaper Steamer

Ideal For DIYers & Decorators

  • 240v Plug In Wallpaper Stripper
  • Ideal For Various Wallcoverings
  • Thermal Cut-Out
  • Anti-Scald System
  • Covered Steam Tank
from £39.14

   DIY & Trade
   Save 26%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 395 Locations

110v Wallpaper Steamer

Removes Wall Coverings With Ease

  • 110v Professional Wallpaper Steamer
  • Ideal For Various Wallcoverings
  • Integrated Water Tank
  • Large Steam Plate
from £39.46

   DIY & Trade
   Save 33%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 421 Locations

Electric Hot Air Paint Stripper Gun

  • Hot Air Gun
  • 240v Power Supply
  • Ideal For Stripping Paint & Varnish
  • Can Be Used On Walls, Doors & More
  • DIY & Professional Use
  • 110v Model Available On Request
from £18.97

   DIY & Trade
   Save 51%
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide
  Click & Collect: 380 Locations

Drywall Sander

  • Velcro Adapter
  • 3 Metre Reach
  • Swivel Mounted Head
  • Continuous Variable Speed
Our Price From: POA

   DIY & Trade
   Best Availability

  FREE Delivery: Nationwide

Redecoration & Renovation Strippers For Hire

We have a range of equipment for stripping wallpaper and other wallcoverings, allowing you to expose a fresh surface for redecoration and renovation. These tools allow you to work quickly and efficiently, removing old finishes without any damage to the wall or plaster, with professional results. Our wallpaper strippers can also remove vinyl, foil, flock, woodchip, paint, layered paper, painted wallpaper, and hessian. Our selection includes -

  • 110V Wallpaper Steamer. This professional machine has a water tank and produces steam which you can use to penetrate & soak wallpaper by pressing the steam plate up against the wall. The steam softens the coverings & loosens adhesives, allowing you to pull off or scrape away large sections with ease. This wallpaper stripper requires a 3kVA transformer or 110v site supply.
  • 240V Wallpaper Steamer. This steamer is ideal for home use & areas with a domestic power supply. They have a 7-litre water tank that produces enough steam to soak large papered surfaces. This wallpaper steamer also features a unique anti-scald system, long life heating element, lightweight stainless steel steam plate, 4m steam hose & thermal cut-out.
  • Hot Air Gun. This electric gun applies heat to painted & varnished surfaces, causing the finish to soften, bubble & sag. After a few seconds, you can easily scape the coat away with a standard scraper without damaging the surface underneath.
  • Drywall Sander. This sander uses an abrasive pad to remove old wall finishes, like paint, by gently removing the top layer. It is also ideal for sanding down & smoothing rough plasterboard & joints so that they can be decorated.

The National Tool Hire Shops rates are highly competitive, and we offer great value delivery nationwide. Take a look at our wallpaper stripper hire range and book online or over the phone for collection from a local depot or home delivery. 

For more information, read our guides; How to Use a Steam Wallpaper StripperHow to Remove Woodchip WallpaperHow to Hang Wallpaper.


From 1st April 2022, our suppliers will only fuel machines with white diesel. This is due to new government guidelines.

If you, as the hirer, refuel any equipment while it is in your possession, it must be with WHITE DIESEL.


If you return a machine refuelled with rebated diesel, suppliers will have to remove and dispose of the fuel. They must also flush the tank and supply lines before they can refuel them. The process is chargeable, with no exceptions.