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How to use a steam wallpaper stripper

15 Nov 2013

Steam wallpaper strippers offer a quick, easy and mess-free alternative to the laborious process of removing wallpaper with a sponge and warm water.

Simple to prepare and operate, steam wallpaper strippers generally consist of a water tank connected to a steam plate via a hose.

To prepare the wallpaper stripper, unravel the hose and place the steam plate into a suitable bucket. Fill the water tank to the maximum level with clean, hot water. Do not fill the tank above the indicated maximum level and do not mix water with any additives. When plugged in and turned on, the steam plate should take around 30 minutes to warm up. When the steam plate is ready to use it will start to emit jets of steam. Working from left to right on the wallpaper, hold the plate in place on a patch of paper for around 15 seconds (depending on the thickness and density of the wallpaper.) That patch should then be loosened sufficiently to be scraped away using a scraper. Then move on to another patch. When the stripper runs out of water, the steam will stop flowing from the steam plate. Once this occurs, turn the machine off immediately and allow it to cool before opening up the tank to refill.

Before using the wallpaper stripper, read the manual carefully, and make yourself aware of location of the on/of switch, so you can quickly turn the machine off if necessary. Do not try to over reach with the steam plate and be wary that, during use, steam will re-condense and collect in the bottom of the plate, so take care not to spill this boiling water over yourself or others. It is also important to wear goggles and protective clothing when operating the stripper, to avoid injury to the eyes and other burns. Take care not to let the hot plate touch skin and be careful when removing wall paper, as the steam plate will have heated it.

It is advisable to open the windows in the room that you are using the steam cleaner, to allow proper ventilation. Also, keep furniture and floors are covered.
There steam strippers available of various sizes available, with larger water tanks and steam plates, as well as longer hoses if you have a larger surface area to cover, perhaps in a larger building or industrial environment.

It may prove worthwhile to use a wallpaper perforator before steaming the wallpaper, as it may be harder to remove thicker wallpaper, or wallpaper that has been painted, with the steam stripper alone.

Wallpaper Stripper Hire

We have steam wallpaper strippers available for hire nationwide. You can book a wallpaper stripper hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then either collect the machine from your local collection point at the start of the hire or we can deliver it to you.