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What Is A Wall Chaser?

26 Nov 2015

A wall chaser is a power tool specifically designed for cutting grooves and channels into walls so that electrical wiring or pipes can be installed. As electrical wiring and piping is installed after the erection of the walls, wall chasers are essential tools for making the channels into the walls in which the piping and wiring can be installed.

Wall chasers are hand operated units, similar in design to angle grinders, which are used in continuous motions running against the wall, to cut channels for the electrical wiring and pipes. The hand operated units feature tough abrasive discs or masonry blades which make the cuts into the wall. Most wall chasing machines have drive heads which allow you to use ether one or two cutting discs at a time, as dual blades allow for larger channels to be cut into the wall in a single pass, for water pipes and conduit.

Before wall chasers were available on the market, chasing chisels and hammers were used for cutting the channels for pipes and cables into walls. This method can still be used in tight spots or for short wall chases; but for most jobs, wall chasing machines are the best option, as they make light work of the hardest masonry, so you can get the job done to a high professional standard, much more quickly.

Masonry cutting generates large quantities of dust. This dust can be extremely harmful to your health if it is inhaled, so you should use a dust extraction system in conjunction with a wall chaser. Dust extraction units can be connected directly to wall chasers, and they operate as a vacuum which sucks up the masonry dust as soon as it is generated by the cutting blades of the wall chaser. This prevents the majority of the dust from becoming airborne. Note – you should still wear a dust mask whilst operating a wall chaser with a dust extractor, to ensure maximum protection form any dust that the dust extraction system may not have been able to collect.

Wall Chaser Hire

We have wall chaser hire available nationwide! Our heavy duty wall chasers have a maximum cut depth of 40mm and a maximum cutting width of 46mm. You can book a hire online or over the phone with our hire team and then either collect it from your nearest collection point at the start of the hire or we can deliver it to you. We also have dust extraction units for hire. We have standard, heavy duty dust extractors, and M class dust extractors, which are larger that the standard dust extraction units and can be used in wet as well as dry conditions.

Wall chasers are professional pieces of equipment, so it is important that you are aware of the potential risks and hazards before you start using one. You should read the manual and be aware of the operational instructions and safety measures before starting your work. Personal protective equipment is also essential, including a dust mask, heavy duty gloves and eye protection. You should also use a detector to check for any current piping and wiring in the walls before you begin using the wall chaser.

For more information on our range of wall chasers and dust extraction units, take a look at our website or give our Hire Team a call!