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  • Quick-Release Tool-Less Blade Bhange
  • Variable Electronic Speed Control
  • Sturdy Adjustable Base
  • Soft Start
  • Blade Range Available
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  • Jigsaw Hire

    110v orbital action jigsaw

    Our electric jigsaws are highly versatile, ideal for cutting straight and curved lines in wood, plastic, and metal sheets. They can perform quick and accurate front flush cuts, cutouts, plunge cutting, bevel cuts, and edge finishing. The adjustable aluminium base is easily altered for accuracy and cutting style.

    These orbital action jigsaws have an ergonomic rubberised handle with a switch trigger and lock button. The handle and trigger make the tool comfortable and easy to control. There is a speed adjusting dial that can switch the jigsaw's cutting speed between 800 to 1,800 strokes per minute. The electronic speed control allows you to obtain constant speed for fine finishes, and the soft-start feature avoids jolting.

    These 110v jigsaws feature quick-release tool-less blade changing and an anti-splintering device. They have an integrated LED job light for better visibility of the workpiece and cutting lines, and they can be used with dust extraction equipment to keep waste under control. These tools are ideal for construction sites, workshops, and DIY. You can book an electric jigsaw hire online or over the phone with our hire team. Then you can collect the machine from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver.

    We also have cordless jigsaw hire available.

    Please note: These jigsaws are 110v pieces of equipment. We can supply a transformer and extension lead if required. You can add these to your order during checkout.

    We have a range of blades available for these jigsaws. You can purchase them during checkout:

    Aluminium & Plastic Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Aluminium 3 - 60 mm, Plastics 3 - 60 mm. Pack Quantity 5.

    Aluminium, Plastic & Steel Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Aluminium 1 - 3 mm, Plastics 1 - 6 mm, Stainless Steel 1 - 3 mm, Mild Steel 1 - 3 mm. Pack Quantity 5.

    Plywood Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Plywood 5 - 65 mm. Ideal for worktops and other prestigious installations. Pack Quantity 5.

    Plastic & Wood Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Plastic 5 - 50 mm, Plywood 5 - 50 mm. Super express superior performance. Pack Quantity 5.

    Steel Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Aluminium 3 - 35 mm, Mild Steel 3 - 8 mm, Stainless Steel 3 - 5 mm, Plywood 5 - 50 mm, Plastic 5 - 50 mm. Pack Quantity 5

    General Cutting Jigsaw Blades
    Aluminium 3 - 35 mm, Mild Steel 3 - 8 mm, Stainless Steel 3 - 5 mm, Plywood 5 - 50 mm, Plastic 5 - 50 mm. Pack Quantity 5.

  • Based On: Makita 4350CT Orbital Action Jigsaw
    Max in steel: 10mm
    Max in wood: 135mm
    Strokes per Minute: 800-2800spm
    Stroke Length: 26mm
    Noise sound pressure: 84dB(A)
    Noise sound power: 95dB(A)
    Noise K factor: 3dB(A)
    Input wattage: 720w
    Vibration K factor: 1.5m/sec²
    Vibration - Cutting Wood: 8m/sec²
    Vibration - Cutting Sheet Metal: 4.5m/sec²
    Weight: 2.7kg

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

Saturday Same-Day Hire is only available as Click & Collect. If you require delivery/collection by us, please select Friday as the start date and Saturday as the end date (for no extra cost).



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