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Blog: How To Prepare An Industrial Floor

0 comments 12 Jun 2019

Proper preparation of an industrial floor, such as in a factory or warehouse, is essential for maximising safety, keeping products in top condition and maintaining excellent organisation in the workplace. Preparing an industrial floor properly includes regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs, clear floor marking and application of safety grip where appropriate.

Industrial Floor Cleaning

Failing to regularly clean the floor in your warehouse or factory leads to a build up of dust, debris and rubbish. This creates an unsafe and unhealthy work environment for workers and it is not good for machinery, equipment and the state of any stored products and other goods.

We have a great range of equipment available for hire designed to help with cleaning large areas of industrial floor quickly, effectively and safely.

A floor sweeper is a machine that features large rotating brush heads that pick up dust, dirt and debris, and deposit it into a waste tank. These machines are ideal for use in factories or workshops where lots of dust, such as sawdust, is produced. Floor sweepers are available as walk along units or ride on machines - so no matter the size of the area you need to cover, there is a floor sweeper to suit your needs.

When a deeper clean is required, floor scrubber dryers offer an excellent solution. These machines feature clean and dirty water tanks, roller or rotary brushes, a squeegee and a vacuum. They spray the floor with cleaning solution, scrub the floor, vacuum up the dirty solution and dry the floor in a single pass. They can effectively remove dirt, grease and general grime, to leave a clean, tidy and safe floor surface. These machines are available in a range of sizes, to suit different sized spaces. As floor scrubber dryers leave the floor dry, there is no need to wait around for long drying times and the risk of slips is dramatically reduced.

Steam cleaners offer a great option for deep cleaning floors, walls, machinery, equipment and more. Steam cleaners harness the sanitising power of steam to shift dirt, grease and grime, and kill bacteria. These deep cleaning machines are ideal for use in areas where cleanliness and hygiene standards are of the utmost importance, such as food preparation facilities.

If your industrial premises has outdoor areas, such as forecourts and yards, it is important to clean the floors in these outdoor areas as well. Dirt, grease and grime can present a slip hazard and it can be walked through or driven through and into the indoor premises. Pressure washers provide the perfect answer to this problem. Pressure washers are available as electric, petrol or diesel units; they can be connected to a mains water supply or used with a water bowser to provide a remote water supply for cleaning. Pressure washers spray out a high pressure jet of water to quickly blast away dirt and grime. They can also be used for cleaning vehicles, buildings, signage, railings and more.

Industrial Floor Marking

Marking out your industrial floor to indicate pedestrian paths, traffic areas, bays and storage areas helps to ensure maximum safety in the workplace and smooth running of operations. The floor must be properly cleaned before applying line marking products in order to ensure a high quality, long lasting finish.

Line marking paint provides a fast, flexible and cost effective way of marking out floor areas, both indoors and outdoors. It is available in liquid form and can be applied with a brush, or in aerosol spray form and it can be applied by hand or with an applicator machine. It allows you to mark out paths, traffic areas, parking spaces and storage areas.

Line marking tape can also be used to mark out industrial floors such as warehouses. It provides a sharp, highly visible and easy to apply way of marking out paths, bays and storage areas. Line marker tape is available in rolls of different colours, and there are pre-made shapes available such as feet, arrows, numbers and letters, which can be used to indicate pedestrian areas, traffic flow direction and more.

For maximum safety on site, anti slip floor tape can be used on slopes and ramps, steps, entrances and more. It helps to improve grip and prevent slips and trips on site. Anti slip tape with hazard markings can also be used to indicate particularly hazardous areas on site, around machinery and areas where vehicles are driven around.

Industrial floor paint is ideal for coating concrete floors in workshops, garages, warehouses and other busy indoor industrial areas where a safe, robust, easy to clean and heavy duty floor finish is required.

For more information and advice on industrial floor cleaning equipment and floor marking equipment, simply contact us via online live chat or telephone. We can supply a range of industrial floor cleaning equipment for hire, and we have a partner company that can supply a great range of high quality floor marking equipment.

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