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Hire Vs Buy

Hiring Vs Buying

Whether you're a business owner or a DIYer, there will be a time you'll have to mull over whether it's more viable to hire or buy tools, equipment, or machinery for work & projects. We've outlined some of the main aspects you'll need to consider, allowing you to calculate your cheapest option.

How To Prepare An Industrial Floor

Proper preparation of an industrial floor is essential for maximising safety, keeping products & equipment in top condition and maintaining excellent organisation in the workplace.

How To Clear Space In Your Garden

Clearing your garden is a job that can be done all year round whether it is cutting down old, unwanted or dead trees and bushes, cutting back branches and shrubs or repurposing your outdoor space to install raised beds, a pond or artificial turf. We take a look at the best ways of doing just that in our latest helpful blog!

How To Clean A Wooden Floor

Giving your wooden floor a deep and effective scrub not only helps to keep it looking clean. It also helps to remove scuff marks and scratches, protects the wooden floor finish from future damage and makes it much easier to clean in the future!

The Best Way To Clean A Patio

Read our blog to find out the best way to clean your patio quickly and effectively!

3 Health Benefits To Carpet Cleaning

Using a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets helps to improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpets, but it also has some health benefits!

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning machines use nothing more than some warm water, a vacuum and environmentally-friendly microbial carpet cleaning solution to remove the dirt, stains, bacteria and allergens from your carpets, to get them looking and feeling like new. No need for harmful chemicals!

How To Clean Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean and well maintained is often overlooked as an important household task. As the guttering is hidden away at the top of your house, it's easy to forget about them completely. However, blocked, poorly maintained gutters can cause you many more problems in the longer term, including flooding and damp – so it’s well worth taking care of your guttering from time to time.

How To Unblock A Sink & Drain

How To Unblock A Sink & Drain

A minor drain or sink blockage is cleared relatively easily using some simple equipment and a bit of know-how - saving you the cost of calling in a professional. Read our blog to find out how to unblock a sink or a drain quickly and easily.

How To Clean Your Garden Patio

Cleaning your patio doesn't need to be a difficult, arduous task. With some minor regular maintenance, you can keep your patio looking beautiful all summer, giving you the perfect place to spend those long summer evenings!

How To Clean A Conservatory Roof Safely & Simply

Cleaning a conservatory can be a difficult and even dangerous job without the right equipment. Our brand new range of conservatory roof ladders are specifically designed for safe and secure access for conservatory cleaning, repair and maintenance jobs.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaner Hire – get your deposit back

The best way to clean your carpets at the end of a tenancy agreement is to hire a carpet cleaning machine!

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Your carpets can harbour lots of dust, dirt, stains, odours, allergens and bacteria which standard vacuum cleaning alone cannot remove. To keep your carpets in a clean and healthy condition, you should regularly deep clean your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine.

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