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Blog: How To Clean A Wooden Floor

13 Apr 2017

Cleaning your wooden floors properly using high quality floor scrubbing and polishing equipment not only helps to keep your wooden flooring looking great, but it also helps to remove any scuff marks and protects the wooden floor finish from future damage. When looked after properly, a wood floor will last an incredibly long time and keep your home, office, shop, bar or any other area looking great!

Vacuum your wooden floor

Before giving your wooden floor a deep clean, you should first vacuum the floor to remove any debris, grit, dirt and dust which would get in the way. As any small pieces of grit or sand could act like sandpaper and scratch at your floor’s finish.

Floor scrubbing machines

There are different floor cleaning machines available for scrubbing wooden floors, depending on the size of the area and the application. For most domestic applications and for any small commercial applications in hotels, schools, offices, shops and leisure facilities, a floor scrubber polisher machine is perfect for the job.

For larger commercial and industrial wooden floor cleaning in halls, larger offices, shops, warehouses and retail, leisure and care facilities, a larger floor scrubber / dryer or ride on scrubber / dryer may be needed.

Scrubbing your wooden floor

Depending on how much work needs doing to your wooden floor, there are a few different methods of scrubbing the floor.

If you need to strip the floor back to remove old polish, scuff marks and scratches, you can use a heavy duty floor stripping pad (black) or medium duty floor stripping pad (green) with a floor scrubber machine.

If you don’t want to strip back the floor, you can still give it a good effective clean using a standard scrubbing brush attachment with a floor scrubber machine. Either pre-treat the floor with detergent or use the machine’s inbuilt detergent dosing system, then use the floor scrubber machine to give the floor a good scrub. You can then either leave the floor to dry or if your machine has a drying feature, it will use a vacuum and squeegee to dry the floor.

Re-finishing your wooden floor

Once you have stripped the original coating from the wooden floor, vacuum the floor to remove any loose bits and any dust, then re-apply a sealant of your choice.

Buffing your wooden floor

Once you have stripped the floor and applied a new coating, or just given it a good deep scrub, you can buff your floor for the perfect finish. This leaves your wooden floor gleaming, helps to protect the floor from scratches and makes the floor much easier to clean in the future.

Use a low abrasion buffing pad (tan) and reduce the speed of the floor scrubber / polisher machine. You can lift light soiling, scuff marks and black heel marks from your flooring and leave a beautiful shiny finish.

With larger industrial scrubber / dryer machines, you can use microfiber rollers to give the floor surface a lighter, more superficial buffing.

Hiring a floor scrubber polisher machine

To find out more about our range of floor scrubber polisher machines for hire, take a look at our website or give our hire team a call.

We can also supply a range of larger commercial and industrial floor scrubber / dryer machines for hire - simply enquire online to find out more about those.

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