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How To Use a Rotavator / Ground Tiller

Rotavators are powerful pieces of gardening machinery, used in gardens, allotments and fields, to breakup, churn and aerate the soil prior to planting or laying turf. Read our blog to find out how to use a rotavator properly and get the best results.

How To Use A Lawn Scarifier

Read our blog to find out how you can scarify your lawn to remove moss and thatch, improve thick grass growth and improve the overall look and health of your lawn.

Camon Lawn Aerator

Lawn Aerators: Hollow Tines v Solid Tines

Read our blog to find out the difference between hollow tine aeration & solid tine aeration and which is best for your lawn!

Gardening Jobs For March

Gardening Jobs For March

As the weather improves in March, there is work to be done. As spring approaches, it is the best time for mowing, aerating, scarifying, and reseeding your lawn. It is the best time to prepare your garden for the year ahead!

Gardening Jobs To Do In August

School's out for summer! Long days and warm nights only mean one thing - plenty of time in the garden. Make the most of one of the warmest months in the calendar with our helpful guide on Gardening Jobs To Do In August!

How To Install Artificial Grass

Is mowing your lawn just becoming that little bit too much hassle? Our guide will help you through all the steps of removing our old turf and replacing it with artificial turf, as well as some useful tips on the best tools for the job!

Gardening Jobs To Do In July

Its the time of year when one can expect to be spending more time than ever in your garden, either relaxing, entertaining friends and family or undertaking some of the outdoor jobs that have previously been stifled by the wet and windy winters!

mini digger hire

Mini Digger Hire For Trade & DIY

We have mini digger hire available nationwide! Whether you are a trade customer or a DIY user, you can hire a mini digger / mini excavator from National Tool Hire Shops.

Gardening Jobs to do in June

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year already? June spells the (official) start of summer and it’s not just a time for ice creams and barbeques, but is a great chance to get green fingers in your garden!

Gardening Jobs To Do In May

Summer is just around the corner, we have some useful tips to help keep on top of your garden work and start making preparations for the upcoming months.

How To Build and Install Raised Beds In Your Garden

Make the most of your outdoor space, save money on expensive greenhouses and limit pesky maintenance on turf by installing raised beds in your garden or yard.

Gardening Jobs To Do In April

Growing season begins now! Follow our tips and advice on the gardening jobs to do in April to get your lawn looking beautiful in time for summer.

Gardening Jobs To Do In January

New Year, New You – new garden?! The Christmas decorations will be coming down, you’ll be gathering together your resolutions and reflecting on the last twelve months. It might be a time for a new job or a new car but why not start early on renewing your garden ready for 2018! We take a look at some of the gardening jobs you can do this January!

Gardening Jobs To Do In December

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, you will no doubt spend many an evening entertaining into the wee hours and welcoming people into your home who you may not have seen for the whole rest of the year – you know where this is going – don’t forget your garden! We take a look at some of the gardening jobs you can do in your garden this December in our latest blog!

How To Make Your Own Garden Incinerator

Disposing of garden waste can be a long, arduous and often expensive process, due to the constant refilling and emptying of council green waste bins, arranging private disposal companies or manually disposing of it at local dumps – any way you look at it, it’s a bit of a pain! Why not reduce the hassle by making and using your own garden incinerator? This helpful guide will show you the way!

Gardening Jobs To Do In November

It’s November – and you can bet that the chill has well and truly set in as winter is just around the corner. However, it’d be a mistake to think that just because the weather is taking a turn your garden should be left to its own devices until the new year! We take a look at some of the gardening jobs to do in November.

Gardening Jobs To Do In October

It’s the month where the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween come out to play – but why let your garden become a horror show? We take a look at some of the best gardening jobs you can get done during the month of October!

Gardening Jobs To Do In September

September tends to spell an end to the long summer days and sees some slightly cooler weather coming through in the lead up to Autumn. It also means a quieter period on ornamental or flower-based gardens compared to those centred around growing fruit and veg, which will be almost ready to harvest and enjoy. We take a look at just some of the gardening jobs you might be able to enjoy in the month of September.

How To Clear Space In Your Garden

Clearing your garden is a job that can be done all year round whether it is cutting down old, unwanted or dead trees and bushes, cutting back branches and shrubs or repurposing your outdoor space to install raised beds, a pond or artificial turf. We take a look at the best ways of doing just that in our latest helpful blog!

How To Paint Your Garden Fences

The summer months offer the perfect opportunity to refresh the look of your garden fences, and get them prepared for the harsher weather later on in the year! This helpful guide will give you some useful tips on the best methods for painting your garden fences.

BBQ & A: How To Prepare For Your Barbecues This Summer

It’s that time of year again to break out the charcoal, get out your lawn chairs and get ready for a Barbecue! Follow our easy tips to prepare your garden for a summer of chilling and grilling.

How To Remove A Fence Post From The Ground

You don't need to spend hours digging away at a fence post to remove it from the ground. With our new fence post puller products for hire you can remove fence posts from the ground quickly and easily - in a matter of minutes!

When To Aerate Your Garden Lawn

Aerating your garden improves drainage and encourages healthy, thick grass growth. It is important to aerate your garden lawn at the right time of year to get the best results and prepare your garden for the seasons ahead!

Autumn Lawn Care Guide

Autumn is a key time for lawn care. With a little time and care, you can prepare your lawn for the harsh winter months ahead and help your lawn grow into something really beautiful next spring!

How To Trim Your Garden Hedges

Regular trimming throughout spring and summer can keep your garden hedges looking neat, tidy and beautiful, making them a wonderful feature for any garden!

The Best Way To Clean A Patio

Read our blog to find out the best way to clean your patio quickly and effectively!

How To Drain Water From A Garden Pond

Removing water from your garden pond needn't be a long and laborious process. You can use a submersible pump to remove the water from your garden pond in no time!

How To Clean Your Garden Patio

Cleaning your patio doesn't need to be a difficult, arduous task. With some minor regular maintenance, you can keep your patio looking beautiful all summer, giving you the perfect place to spend those long summer evenings!

Spring Gardening Tips

Get your garden ready for spring! As the days start to get a little longer, mornings get a little lighter and temperatures get just a little bit higher, it's time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for spring!

How To Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of any gardeners life. Whilst we covered the subject of dealing with lawn weeds in our Complete Guide to Spring Lawn Care, we think it's an issue worthy of its own blog post! We are often asked: How do you get rid of weeds from your garden? Well, we believe that prevention is much better than cure.

Lawn Care Tips For Spring

Spring time is one of the most important points in the lawn care calendar, as many lawns can look a bit worn after the winter months, so proper spring lawn care is vital for bringing the lawn back to life in time for summer. If you neglect proper spring lawn care you could pay for it the rest of the year!

How to Erect A Garden Fence

If you're considering installing a fence around your garden, wooden fence panels provide a cheaper, easier to construct and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to a brick wall. With the correct tools and equipment, erecting a fence can be a relatively simple task.

How To Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

Using our tips and advice you can get your garden looking beautiful, to be a much more appealing place to spend your summer days.

Top Lawn Care Tips

Achieving and maintaining the perfect lawn can be a long process requiring lots of patience. Though, with the great results that can be attained, it can be a very rewarding pursuit. There are various pieces of equipment for use on the lawn that can assist in achieving this goal of perfection.

Cheap Gardening Tool Hire

If you need to hire gardening or landscaping equipment in the UK then National Tool Hire Shops can help!

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