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Essential Winter Hire

Essential Winter Hire 20 Nov 2023

Essential Hire Equipment for the Winter

When the winter weather creeps up on us, it brings with it a lot of challenges. As much as many of us would like to hunker down indoors, the world doesn't stop, and there's a lot of outdoor and vital work that still needs to be done. The colder, wetter weather and the shorter daylight hours even create more work at times.

Some of the popular hire equipment during the winter is essential to allow work to continue as normal in a safe and efficient way that is also comfortable for workers. Other items that gets hired out in greater numbers is require because of the conditions. So what are the products that we supply more of towards the end of the year?

Lighting Towers

Lighting towers are an excellent solution for temporary, emergency, and mobile lighting. They offer efficiency and safety in all different sectors like construction sites, accident scenes, roadworks, festival, outdoor events, mining, media production, demolition, agriculture, and more.

Throughout the autumn and the winter, lighting towers are needed more and more as there are fewer daylights hours, but work hours stay the same. You can hire diesel, electric, hybrid or solar light towers for the areas you need to illuminate.


Heaters can keep you warm in the coldest conditions. Small portable heaters can provide suitable temporary or emergency heating for your home, office, or shop. Large, more industrial heaters can warm up whole halls, warehouses, factories, and more.

It's extremely important to maintain healthy working conditions during colder weather. There is a wide range of heater types to suit different solutions, including diesel, gas, electric fan, and infrared.


Welfare units are essential at all times as everyone who works outdoors or on a construction site must have access to toilets and facilities for shelter, washing, changing, eating, and rest. During the winter, welfare is more important as workers need a place to shelter and get warm with regular breaks.


Compact and portable power generators are ideal for powering small tools and machinery on-site when the work zone is remote or isolated, and access to grid power is not possible. You can hire diesel, petrol, solar, and hybrid units.

Generators are vital during thr winter because while they are suitable for equipment, they are also powerful enough to run lights, heaters, and welfare units, allowing you to ensure your site is equipped with all the amenities required to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for workers.

Powered Access

Powered access provides safe access to high levels, awkward and confined overhead areas, up-and-over obstacles, and hard to reach locations that do not have access from below, like bridges. All access equipment is popular during the winter because there is a lot of structural work needed due to weather, and, of course, the seasonal decorations go up. However, scissor lifts, mast lifts, and boom lifts are more popular than manual access because of their security in adverse conditions.

MEWPs provide easy and convenient ways to work at a height, offering speed and security to operators when undertaking longer-term and complex work. They are versatile as they offer a wide range of safe working loads and height specifications.


Dehumidifiers remove excess water from the air, allowing you to remove dampness, control humidity, prevent condensation, mould, mildew, and generally dry areas out. 

In the winter, there is a greater risk of flooding and leaks due to rainfall, overflowing reiverbanks, pipes bursting, and so on. Dehumidifiers can help to mitigate water damage.

Water Pumps

Water pumps transfer fluid quickly and efficiently. They are suitable for draining ponds and swimming pools so that you can clean or fill the area. You can also use water pumps to remove floodwater from buildings, construction sites, trenches, and more. They are ideal for flood restoration and other emergencies.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners allow you to deep clean carpets and textile flooring to revitalise them, make them more sanitary, and prolonging their lifecycle. You can use them at home, offices, shops, cafes, pubs, hotels, and more.

Carpet cleaning machines are popular during the winter because there's more chance of muck getting traipsed onto carpets through walkways. Flooding and leaks can also saturate carpets, leaving them in need of a shampooing.

Wood Chippers

Wood chippers break up garden waste like twigs and branches quickly and efficiently. These machines turn full branches into chippings and mulch, which you can recycle back into the garden, use for compost, or dispose of easily.

The autumn and winter can be a good time of the year for landscaping and gardening, since trees are bare, making chippers popular during that time of the year. The weather also causes a lot of damage to trees at times, making garden clearing a must.

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