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SDS Drill Hire
SDS Drill Hire

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SDS Drill Hire

We have an excellent range of professional SDS drills for hire from top brands such as Makita. These drills provide both rotary & hammer action, for drilling through tough materials like brick, concrete, masonry and steel.

SDS Drill Hire

High quality SDS hammer drills available

We have a fantastic range of tough, reliable, professional standard SDS hammer drills available for hire nationwide. SDS drills can be used both for DIY and professional applications. These drills are designed for boring quickly and efficiently through tough materials such as brick, concrete, masonry and steel.

SDS stands for Slotted Drive System (sometimes referred to as Slotted Drive Shaft or Special Direct System) - this refers to the way in which their chucks and drill bits work in order to produce the extra force and torque needed to drill through concrete, stone and other tough materials. These drills combine the rotary action of a traditional drill with a pulsating hammering action, as SDS drill bits feature indents on their shaft that allow them to move backwards and forwards in a piston-like motion within the chuck. This method of drilling transfers energy more precisely and efficiently than standard hammer drills, meaning much more powerful and effective boring capabilities. Read our blog to find out more, What is an SDS drill?

Our SDS hammer drills are manufactured by some of the best brands in the business, such as Makita, and they are available both for trade and DIY users. We have electric SDS drills, such as our light duty SDS drill and heavy duty SDS drill. Our electric drills are 110v pieces of equipment, so a transformer and 110v extension lead will be required to use them with a standard 240v domestic mains plug socket.

We also have cordless SDS drills available, such as our 18v cordless SDS drill and 36v cordless SDS drill. These battery powered drills allow you to work freely, without the restriction of cables. They come with a 240v battery charger.

Our SDS Max combination hammer drill offers a solution for more challenging, heavy duty drilling and breaking work.

You can book an SDS drill hire online or over the phone and you can collect it from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you. We can supply a 13mm 3 jaw chuck adaptor which allows some of our SDS drills to operate as standard rotary drills, using standard drill bits. We can also supply SDS drill bits in a range of sizes for all of these drills.