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Rotary Drill Hire

Our range of rotary drills for hire includes high quality tools from some of the best brands in the industry, such as Makita. We have light duty & heavy duty rotary drills for hire, as well as percussion drills, right angle drills & SDS drills. Whether you are working on site or doing some DIY, we have a suitable rotary drill for you.

Rotary Drill Hire

High quality electric drills for trade & DIY use

We have a great range of rotary drills available for hire nationwide. These drills are all professional standard pieces of equipment, designed for drilling holes into wood, brick, masonry, metal and more. Our range includes light duty and heavy duty rotary drills, as well as percussion drills, right angle drills and SDS drills. Whether you are undertaking some domestic DIY or you're a professional contractor completing large amounts of work on site, we have the ideal drill for your needs.

Please note that our standard rotary drills are 110v pieces of equipment, so you will need a transformer and 110v extension leads to use them with a 240v domestic power socket. We can also supply transformers and extension leads if required, as well as drill bits in a range of sizes. We also have a range of cordless drills for hire.

You can book a rotary drill hire online or over the phone with our hire team and collect it from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you.

  • Standard Rotary Drills: We have both light duty and heavy duty rotary drills available for hire. These 110v drills are essential tools for contractors, builders and handymen, as well as DIY enthusiasts. They feature keyless chucks, variable speed control, and they can be used with a range of different drill bits, available as optional accessories. Used with the HSS drill bits that we can provide, these rotary drills are capable of boring through wood, steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, copper and non-ferrous metals.
  • Percussion Drills: Percussion drills offer more capability than than standard rotary drills. The chuck hammers backward and forward as it rotates, providing a faster and more efficient way of drilling through tough materials, such as masonry and steel. This is similar to a hammer drill, however percussion drills cannot be used in 'hammer only' mode - they only offer rotation and hammering action at the same time.
  • Right Angle Drills: Our right angle drills feature a long narrow body, with a short chuck positioned at 90°. These drills are designed for drilling in hard to reach areas, restricted spaces and corners. Our angle drills feature forward and reverse rotation, 2 speed selection with variable speed trigger and a D-formed handle for easy gripping and complete control.
  • SDS Rotary Hammer Drills: SDS Hammer Drills provide an effective and efficient way of drilling through tough concrete, brick and masonry. SDS hammer drills have a chuck which moves backwards and forwards to apply a hammer action as it rotates. They also use special SDS drill bits with indents on their shaft that allow them to move backwards and forwards in a piston action within the chuck. This means that the energy is transferred more precisely and accurately to the tip of the drill bit, resulting in faster and more efficient drilling through tough materials. The hammer action can also be turned off so that the drill can be used as a standard rotary drill on softer materials like wood. We have both light duty SDS hammer drills and heavy duty SDS hammer drills for hire.