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How To Use a Carpet Cleaner
How To Use a Carpet Cleaner

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How To Use a Carpet Cleaner

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Before you use a carpet cleaner, clear as much of the furniture as you can from the room. Remove other objects and obstacles, giving you access to the most floorspace. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt, fluff and debris from the surface. Loose materials like this could damage the carpet cleaning machine.

Spray extraction carpet cleaners use a combination of factors to achieve a much deeper clean. They use hot water, high pressure, cleaning solution and traditional vacuum cleaning.

How To Use a Carpet Cleaner

  1. Mix hot water and cleaning solution in the cleaner's internal tank.
  2. Press the trigger on the hose and sweep the nozzle over the carpet. This forces the mixture into the carpet under high pressure. This action lifts the dirt, stains and allergens from the carpet fibres.
  3. Repeat this process over the same patch of carpet without pressing the trigger. The machine will suck the water solution up by the vacuum and deposit it in the integrated wastewater tank.
  4. Empty the wastewater tank when full. Refill it with clean water if you have more areas to clean.
  • You can use some carpet cleaners on upholstery. You can deep clean your couch, cushions, curtains, and mattresses. These machines are ideal for a whole-house cleanse.
  • Don't scrub the carpet with the nozzle. Don't oversoak and saturate one area of carpet with the water and cleaning solution mixture. It is better to distribute the solution over the carpet in a consistent pattern.
  • Ensure that you cover electrical sockets before using the cleaner. You do not want any water getting into them.
  • Always read the manufacturer's instruction manual before using a carpet cleaner. Each model may operate in a different way. If you do not use the correct amount of detergent for the application, you can end up with an uneven or disappointing finish.

How Long Does it Take For a Washed Carpet To Dry?

High-quality carpet cleaning machines penetrate pile well. The surface can stay damp for a period after cleaning. Generally, carpets will feel dry to the touch after 5 hours. We recommend allowing up to 24 hours for the whole carpet to dry thoroughly before use.

Once you have finished cleaning your carpet, you can vacuum it again to extract some excess water. You can also help a carpet dry quicker by creating airflow throughout the area. For example, if the weather is dry and mild, you can open doors and windows to allow fresh air inside. Doing this will circulate more air around the space, allowing more water to evaporate.

You can also use a ceiling fan or pedestal fan to circulate the air in the room better. Using a fan can speed up drying if there is no access to fresh air, or the weather is too damp or humid. 

If you really need to move the process along or you have a deadline, you can use a carpet dryer to remove the water even quicker.

Maintaining a Clean Carpet

You can maintain a carpet to the highest standard. Vacuum clean weekly and use a carpet cleaning machine every 12-18 months. This gives the carpet a fresh look, lengthening its life and saving you money!

Advantages of Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Regular vacuum cleaning can help maintain a clean carpet. But, it fails to remove the deep-seated dirt, stains, odours and allergens that cling to the carpet fibres. This can't prolong the look of a fresh, new carpet. A carpet shampooer reinvigorates the carpet. They give it a deeper and much more comprehensive clean. It prevents the carpet from looking tired and worn and revitalise it.

For both industrial and domestic applications, carpet cleaners offer a more thorough clean. They lift dirt and stains, removing odours and allergens, and prolonging the carpet's life. Hiring a carpet cleaner also represents excellent value for money. They are much cheaper than hiring a professional service, yet you can achieve professional results.

How We Can Help

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