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Double Extension Ladders

  • Double Section Push Up Ladders
  • Ideal For Low Risk, Short Duration Work At Height
  • Certified To BS EN131 Safety Standards
  • Lighweight, High-Grade Aluminium
  • Large, Comfortable D-Shaped Rungs
  • Save 59% on Average UK Price
  • Hire for DIY or Trade

  FREE Delivery & Collection

Free Delivery & Collection

Closed Height: 2.5m.
Extended Ladder Length: 4m.

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  • Double Extension Ladder Hire

    Push up ladders for trade & DIY

    Our double extension ladders are safe and secure industry standard pieces of access equipment, certified to BS EN131 safety standards. They are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium and fitted with large and comfortable D-shaped rungs. They are ideal for use in many industrial and commercial environments, as well as for home DIY use. We have these two-section push up ladders available in a range of sizes. You can select the size you require using the dropdown menu above and book a ladder hire online using our booking system, or you can call our hire team to book over the phone. You can then collect the ladder from store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver to you.

    We also have ladder accessories available for hire alongside our ladders. You can add these to your order during checkout:

    Ladder Stay - Attaches to the top rungs of the ladder and allows it to lean safely on to a wall or building without damaging gutters, sills and eaves during maintenance.

    Ladder Safety Foot - A safety device placed on the ground at the base of the ladder. Ideal when working on solid flat surfaces, this simple non-slip foot holds the ladder firm for extra security.

    Please note: You should always plan your work before using a ladder and it should only be used for the purpose for which it is designed. Always use the correct size of ladder of the job so that you can work comfortably without overreaching. A ladder should not have scaffold boards laid on its rungs. Only one person at a time should climb it. It can be dangerous for a person to carry loose tools manually up or down a ladder as they may not be able to grip the stiles - this is one of the most common causes of overbalancing and falls. Light tools should only be carried in a holster attached to a belt, or in a tool bag. Other tools and materials should be raised or lowered on a rope. Whenever you are carrying a ladder, keep the front end above head height. Do not put the ladder on top of boxes, bricks, barrels or any other unstable surface to gain extra height. Do not climb higher than the fourth rung from the top of any ladder. Do not use ladders on ice, snow or other slippery surfaces. Appropriate clothing and safety equipment must be worn whilst using a ladder. Do not use a ladder on your own, always have the support of another person observing you. For more information, refer to the HSE guidance on using leaning ladders safely.

  • Sizes Available:
    8 Rung (2.5m - 4m), Weight: 9kg
    10 Rung (3m - 5m), Weight: 10.5kg
    12 Rung (3.5m - 6m), Weight: 14kg
    15 Rung (4m - 7m), Weight: 20.5kg
    17 Rung (4.5m - 8m), Weight: 26.2kg
    19 Rung (5m - 9m), Weight: 29kg

    Ladder Class: BS EN131 (certified for industry & trade use). Duty rating: 115kg. Maximum static vertical load: 150kg.

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

  • Length: 8 Rungs (2.42m - 3.82m)
  • Closed Height: 2.42m
Saturday Same-Day Hire is only available as Click & Collect. If you require delivery/collection by us, please select Friday as the start date and Saturday as the end date (for no extra cost).

Cancellation / Date Change Cover  (£4.00)
Cancellation / Date Change Cover  (£4.00)

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Rated Excellent Tool Hire

Double ladder

Great quality, strong ladders, good weight in them with very little bounce when the ladders are at maximum height. Overall very good quality double ladder.


Double push up ladder

A high quality item was delivered. Price was good, everything came on time, and the staff I dealt with were all courteous and helpful.

C Prince

Fantastic tool rental service

Fantastic tool rental service. A great ladder was delivered to me curb side and it was collected the day after off-hire.