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Carpet Cleaner Hire

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  • Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner
  • Revolutionary Flexible Suction Tool
  • Portable Wheeled Trolley
  • Removable Wastewater Container
  • Foot Operated On/Off Switches
  • Quick Drying With Minimal Residue
  • Save 50% on Average UK Price
  • Hire for DIY or Trade

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  • Carpet Cleaner Hire

    Karcher Puzzi 10/1 spray extraction carpet cleaning machine

    Our spray extraction carpet cleaners are professional machines, that allow for incredible convenience and ease of use while removing deep-seated, engained dirt and stains. They feature 10-litre water tanks and flexible suction tools with a rotating lip that ensures maximum contact to surfaces at any angle. These carpet cleaning machines also leave minimal residual moisture after use, so they are ideal for domestic and commercial use. They allow you to work quickly and at low cost.

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  • Carpet Cleaner Hire

    Karcher carpet cleaning machines bring your carpets back to life!

    Our cleaners are high quality, professional standard pieces of equipment designed to extract deep-seated dirt from carpets to give them a thorough and effective clean. They make your carpets look much brighter and feel softer. Carpet cleaning machines also improve hygiene in the home, reduces smells and extends the life of your carpets. They are also quick drying and leave minimal moisture residue behind, so your carpets will be ready for use in no time.

    Karcher Puzzi carpet cleaners are the best machines for your home, offices, and commercial spaces like cafes, shops, and pubs. They have been trusted in the industry for years due to their compact size, ease of use, reliability, and professional results. Whilst regular vacuum cleaning helps remove surface dirt and dust from your carpets, it fails to remove the dirt, stains, dust, allergens, and bacteria that cling to your carpet deep within the pile. Spray extraction carpet cleaning machines tackle that deep-seated dirt by spraying a solution of warm water and carpet cleaning shampoo into the carpet. Then, a vacuum extracts the solution, along with the dirt and grime within the carpet.

    This model features a revolutionary flexible suction tool, ensuring you can get into all the nooks and crannies of your carpets. It also features a wheeled trolley base, so it is highly portable and easy to move around. The foot-operated switches make it easy for you to turn the machine on and off without having to bend your knees or back. The removable wastewater container makes refilling the machine and pouring away dirty water quick and easy.

    Renting provides excellent value for money, as you can get professional results without the cost of hiring a professional to do it for you! As a result, our hire rates are highly competitive. In addition, our nationwide delivery and pick-up service is free of charge!

    You can book easily using our online booking system and paying with any of the options available. Once you have booked a hire, you can collect from one of our many stores around the country or deliver the carpet cleaner to you and collect it from you again at the end of the hire period.

    How To Use A Karcher Carpet Cleaner

    Get professional results with ease

    Our Karcher Puzzi carpet cleaning machines for hire are effortless to use – they allow anyone to give their carpets a deep and thorough clean.

    Begin by connecting the cleaning wand to one end of the supplied hose and connect the other end of the hose to the machine. Fill the clean water tank with warm water and a drop of carpet cleaning shampoo. Plug the machine in and switch it on. Then, starting at the far end of the room and working towards the door, place the end of the cleaning wand onto the carpet and pull down on the spray trigger to spray the carpet with the cleaning solution while slowly dragging the cleaning wand backwards along the carpet. This action will allow the machine to simultaneously spray the carpet and vacuum the solution back up and into the dirty water tank. You can then vacuum over the same area again if necessary, without pulling the spray trigger to remove any excess liquid from the carpet.

    You should tackle the carpet in straight strips, working from one end of the room to the other, then turning around and completing another strip next to the strip you just cleaned.

    High traffic areas, or areas with particularly tough stains, may need more attention with the cleaning spray. You can also pre-treat stains with a spot stain remover. For more advice on using a carpet cleaning machine, read our guide, How To Use a Carpet Cleaner.

  • Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Cleaner
    Max Area Performance: 20 - 25 square meters per hour (m2/h)
    Air Flow Rate: 54 litres per second ( l/s)
    Vacuum: 220 - 22 millibar to kilopascal (mbar/kPa)
    Spray Rate: 1 litre per minute ( l/min)
    Spray Pressure: 1 bar (b)
    Tank Capacity (Fresh Water): 10 litres (l)
    Tank Capacity (Dirty Water): 9 litres (l)
    Turbine Power Rating: 1250 watts (W)
    Pump Power Rating: 40 watts (W)
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 665 x 320 x 435 mm
    Weight: 10.3 kilograms (kg)

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

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Carpet Upholstery Shampoo - 1L  (£9.00)
Carpet Upholstery Shampoo - 1L  (£9.00)
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14m Extension Lead  (£3.00 / week)

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