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Space Heaters For Sale
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Space Heaters For Sale

We have a range of quality space heaters available. We have indirect oil fired heaters from Master, Thermobile & Arcotherm & we also have cost-effective marquee heater packages containing everything you need to heat an event space or indoor public space.

Space Heaters For Sale

Space heaters from the best brands in the business

Our range of space heaters for sale includes models from some of the most reputable brands in the business, such as Master, Thermobile and Arcotherm. We have a huge range of sizes available, so no matter the size of space you need to heat, we can help. Buying a space heater provides great value for money if you are looking for a space heater for longer than just a couple of weeks, as the hire rate for this length of time can often work out more expensive than just buying a new unit outright. We supply indirect space heaters for sale - ideal for heating enclosed spaces such as marquees, halls, workshops, temporary buildings, construction sites and more.

Indirect heaters are fuelled by diesel fuel and they are designed to be placed outside the area you wish to heat. The fumes produced during combustion are exhausted outside while the warm air is ducted into the space via flexible ducting. This ensures that only clean, fume-free warm air is used to heat the space. These heaters can also be placed indoors, with the flue set up to exhaust the warm air outdoors - the choice is yours!

These heaters are available as complete package deals, with the flue, rain cowl, ducting and thermostat - everything you need to heat spaces effectively and safely, at a reduced price and with FREE delivery! Enquire online or over the phone to find out more. To read more, chat to a climate expert, or buy patio heatersindirect space heatersmarquee heaters, or more, visit our partner HVAC specialists at National Heater Shops.


From 1st April 2022, our suppliers will only fuel machines with white diesel. This is due to new government guidelines.

If you, as the hirer, refuel any equipment while it is in your possession, it must be with WHITE DIESEL.


If you return a machine refuelled with rebated diesel, suppliers will have to remove and dispose of the fuel. They must also flush the tank and supply lines before they can refuel them. The process is chargeable, with no exceptions.