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Marquee Heater Hire
Marquee Heater Hire

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Marquee Heater Hire

We have marquee heater hire available nationwide. Our indirect diesel heaters are industry standard space heaters for marquee heating. We offer complete packages with the marquee heater, ducting, thermostat & flue together - giving you everything you need to heat a marquee or another enclosed indoor space safely and effectively.

Marquee Heater Hire

Safe & effective space heaters for marquees, events & more

We have marquee heater hire available nationwide at great rates. Whether you are having a party in a marquee at home, or putting on a large event in a marquee like a wedding, our indirect diesel heaters can be used for safe and effective marquee heating.

Indirect fired diesel space heaters are industry standard marquee heaters. They offer large volumes of 100% clean, fume-free warm air to heat the entire space effectively and safely. Whereas electric fan heaters are often too small to heat a marquee properly, and direct diesel heaters and direct gas heaters are not safe for indoor use, these indirect diesel heaters offer the perfect marquee heating hire solution.

Indirect fired diesel heaters are portable space heaters, designed to be placed outside the area to be heated. The clean warm air blown out of the front of the heater can be vented into the space through flexible ducting. A flue system exhausts fumes produced during combustion out of the top of the heater, ensuring that the warm air is completely clean and safe.

We offer the heaters on their own, in both 240v or 110v power, and we offer complete marquee heater packages, which give you the heater along with the ducting, thermostat and flue needed to heat a marquee or other indoor space effectively and safely. We have two package sizes available - a 51kW marquee heater package and an 81kW marquee heater package.

Our marquee heater hire packages are ideal for weddings, markets, concerts, al fresco dining spots, bar gazebos and other outdoor events. They provide the right level of warmth all year round, especially in the winter - prolonging hospitality seasons. These versatile package deals are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, as they can also be used for heating factories, warehouses, and worksites.

You can book your marquee heating hire online using our booking system, or over the phone with our hire team. You can collect the heater from your local store at the start of the hire if you have suitable transport, or we can deliver to you!