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Gas Heater Hire
Gas Heater Hire

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Gas Heater Hire

We have a great range of gas heaters for hire, from cabinet heaters, bin heaters and LPG space heaters. Our cabinet heaters & box heaters can be run without an electricity supply, whilst our LPG space heaters are available in 240v & 110v and feature a fan to circulate the warm air.

Gas Heater Hire

Efficient & effective space heaters for a wide range of areas

Gas heaters are very popular space heaters due to their ease of use and the fact that they are relatively cheap to run. Our range of portable gas heaters for hire includes catalytic cabinet heaters, box heaters and LPG space heaters. Our catalytic cabinet heaters are suitable for indoor use, whilst our box heaters and LPG fan-assisted space heaters must only be used in outdoor, well-ventilated spaces.

Types of Gas Heater

Catalytic Cabinet Heaters: These cabinet heaters are ideal for use in the home, in offices, shops, schools and other smaller areas. Unlike most gas heaters, catalytic cabinet heaters have no visible flame and provide homogeneous and constant heat dispersion.

Box Heaters: Also known as 'bin heaters', these LPG box heaters are designed for use in outdoor spaces. They are widely used on construction sites and yards, to provide a source of warmth for workers on site. They offer heat dispersion all around the unit and they do not require any electricity supply. Simply connect the heater to a propane gas bottle and it is ready to go! Please note that these heaters are for outdoor, well-ventilated spaces only. They must not be used indoors. 

LPG Space Heaters: LPG space heaters are very popular in the construction industry, and in large well ventilated areas such as garages, warehouses and workshops, for keeping the workforce warm. They feature an internal fan which circulates the warm air from the heater over large areas, so they require an electricity supply. We have these 'rocket heaters' available in a range of sizes and in both 240v and 110v power options. This range includes 31kW 240v LPG space heaters, right up to 85kW 110v LPG space heaters. Please note that these LPG space heaters must only be used in outdoor / well-ventilated spaces. They must not be used in enclosed, poorly ventilated indoor spaces.