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The Best Work Lights

The Best Work Lights 13 Dec 2021

The Best Work Lights For DIY, Workshops & Sites

Portable lamps, floodlights & lighting towers make working in the dark more accessible

When the nights draw in earlier for the autumn and winter, there is less daylight during regular working hours. Unfortunately, the days are also much darker, so your visibility in any workspace isn't as good as it is the rest of the year. Proper lighting is essential on sites, in workshops, and about the home when you're doing DIY. Unlit areas are dangerous, especially when there are tools, equipment, and obstacles around. Dim spaces can also strain your eyes and hinder work quality. 

When natural light or standard wall and ceiling lights aren't bright enough, work lights allow you to get on with jobs safely! Portable lamps, floodlights, festoons, and lighting towers are versatile, robust, and can be weatherproof. They are ideal for busy sites and outdoor use too.

You don't need to struggle to see what you're doing when you're busy. We've put together a list of great work lights that are suitable for all kinds of tasks.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights provide low-level temporary lighting for new builds, first fix installations, outdoor sites, and more. They are ideal for working at night, in warehouses, factories, homes, and other places. Festoon lighting is versatile, safe, effective, and it is quick and easy to erect. You can hang it on fixings, scaffolding, beams, fencing, trees, or whatever is available. These products provide brilliant, bright, glare-free light for anyone working in areas without natural or permanent lighting. They are also cost-effective, reliable, and robust. In addition, they are low energy and tend to have a high IP rating for impact, dust, and water spray resistance.

Portable Lighting

Portable lights are ideal for tradespeople, mechanics, DIYers and anyone needing a reliable, temporary solution. There are many styles available, suitable for lighting construction sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, and confined areas. The most commonly used portable lights are globe lightsplasters lightsrechargeable lanterns, rechargeable lanterns, and magnetic lights.


Floodlights are lightweight and slimline. They are versatile and ideal for working areas with limited floor space and different levels. These products are robust and practical, suitable for painting, decorating jobs, DIY, installation, construction, and more. Most floodlights have tungsten halogen or LED lamps. Both types are incredibly bright, with high lumens. However, LED lamps are lighter, more durable, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting.

Lighting Towers

Lighting towers have extending masts and adjustable heads for convenient light spread. Some units have internal generators that keep them powered without a power source connection. Lighting towers are ideal for larger areas, like construction sites, roadworks, car parks, festivals, events, as they are a powerful temporary and emergency lighting solution.

Working During Autumn & Winter Months

Working outdoors, on construction sites, and in wide-open spaces like warehouses and factories can be tricky when the weather gets darker and colder. As well as sufficient lighting, you need to consider heating. The Government guidance states that the temperature in the workplace should be at least 16 degrees Celsius. If the work requires physical effort, the temperature should be at least 13 degrees Celsius. The temperature in workrooms should provide reasonable comfort without the need for special clothing.

Gas and direct diesel space heaters are perfect for outdoor spaces like yards, garages, and open sites. Indirect diesel space heaters are ideal for unventilated spaces like marquees and halls, and they can be kept outside to maximise floor space, with the heat vented inside. Electric fan and infrared heaters are perfect for indoor heating. You can hire heaters if your needs are temporary and you don't have storage space to keep them. However, if you do have storage, buying a unit can work out cheaper. As a rule of thumb, if you need a unit for four weeks or more, it works out cheaper to buy rather than renting. Online HVAC retailers like National Heater Shops have an incredible product range.