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Spring Gardening Tips

4 Mar 2014

The cold, dark winter months can leave your garden looking a little desolate and unloved, but fear not, with a little bit of planning, preparation and well-timed action, your garden will be getting back to its best before you know it!

Tidying up your garden

Winter can leave your garden looking quite untidy and rather worse for wear. A seasons worth of rain, wind, dirt and fallen leaves can leave a layer of dirt, moss, algae and general grime on your patio, paving and decking, which looks more than just a little bit unsightly.

Thankfully, all of that dirt and grime that's built up over winter is no match for the raw power of a pressure washer! Using a pressure washer, you can clean the dirt from your paving, patio and decking in hardly any time, and with very little effort. We have a great range of pressure washers available for hire, and our cold water electric pressure washer is ideal for cleaning patios, paving and decking in domestic gardens.

Mowing the lawn

In spring it is important to mow your lawn often - taking just a small amount from the top of the grass with a lawn mower every week - in order to promote thick & healthy grass growth.

You should mow the lawn at the start of spring using a high cut. If you allow the grass to grow for too long before its first cut, the grass could get stressed, however if you cut too much grass on the first few cuts, you could damage the grass and prevent it from growing healthily in time for summer.

Though, do bear in mind that you should wait until the grass has started growing, and the ground should be dry, before you start to mow it.

Scarifying & Aerating the lawn

As we edge further into spring and temperatures start to rise, you can start to think about scarifying and aerating your lawn.

Scarifying the lawn will remove thatch and prune the lawn, leaving just healthy grass. Once you've scarified your lawn and removed the waste thatch left behind by the scarifying machine, you can overseed your lawn to fill the gaps left after scarifying. As the seed grows, you'll start to see a beautiful, fresh & full lawn develop.

A professional scarifying machine will give you the best results. It may leave your lawn looking quite bald - but this is to be expected if your lawn has been in particularly bad shape. Once the fresh seed starts to grow, the gaps left by the scarifier will be filled with beautiful green grass! The results will show you that the scarifying was worth the effort. (And the brief period of baldness on your lawn!)

Aerating the lawn improves drainage and allows air & nutrients into the soil, thus promoting healthier root growth and healthier, thicker grass growth. A hollow tiner can be used to aerate the lawn by removing small plugs from the ground. This de-compacts the ground – allowing air to circulate and nutrients to enter the soil.

It is important that you aerate and scarify your lawn during the main growing period – around April time – so that the grass has a chance to recover. If you aerate and scarify too early, before the last of the winter frost; you can cause more damage than good, as the grass will not be able to recover in time for summer, leaving you with more work to do next year.


At the start of spring, you can plant some more vegetables and seeds which can survive the last of the winter frost. Though, don't rush into planting summer plants & flowers, as a sudden cold snap could still take place which would prevent their growth. For the summer plants and flowers, wait further into Spring before planting - around the end of April.

What next?

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