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Gardening Jobs For January

Gardening Jobs For January 4 Jan 2022

Take Out Your Christmas Tree!

Getting rid of a Christmas tree can be a tiring, messy and troublesome process – especially after a long period of entertaining over the holidays! But there are plenty of other things to do with your Christmas tree once it's looking past its best.

One of the more fun, if not a bit unceremonious, is to shred the Christmas tree with a garden shredder/chipper. From here you can use the chipping for mulch or for topping up areas you may already have woodchipping bases such as raised beds or pathways. Another way around it is to cut it off using a reciprocating saw . The logs can then be used around the garden, or burned using an incinerator – learn how to make your own here

Get Your Greenhouse Gleaming and Pots Prepared!

The winter can be long, cold and arduous for plants and places where you store pots over these months, leaving them starting to look a little bit worse for wear. Why not use a pressure washer to blast away any dirt or grime that has built up and start preparing for the longer, brighter days to come? For tougher to reach places such as conservatory roofs or over porches, why not use a conservatory ladder or roof ladder for cleaning and maintenance?

Moving pots and containers around can also be good for keeping away pests that have been lying dormant around them in the winter months. This can be anything from slugs and weevils to bigger vermin like mice and rats. Find out how to prevent or remove mice and rats from your property with our comprehensive blog from a first-hand perspective! 

Prepare Patches and Pruning

If you’ve not already done so, then digging over vacant plots is important for good soil aeration and for preparation when it comes to planting new beds or crops. You can do this with a standard garden spade or shovel, but why not speed things up with a rotavator, cultivator or tiller? Likewise, fruit-bearing trees that are commonly found in gardens such as pear trees or apple trees may need pruning. You can do this using a tree pruner, or for larger limbs, you can use a telescopic chainsaw.

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