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Gardening Jobs To Do In April

Gardening Jobs To Do In April 1 Apr 2018

April is when growing season really starts to kick in. You will suddenly find that you need to mow your lawn much more regularly and trim your bushes, hedges and trees to keep them in check. It is also important at this time of year to continue to repair your lawn following the winter, preparing it for the spring and summer months ahead!

Creating a new lawn

If you are looking to create a new lawn, now is the time to do it! You can either sow lawn seed or lay turf. If you decide to sow lawn seed to create a new lawn in your garden, it is important to prepare the soil by cultivating the land using a tiller or rotavator. Once you have sown the seed over the lawn generously and evenly, you should water the ground regularly to keep the soil moist whilst the seed is germinating. Alternatively, laying turf in your garden gives you an instant lawn. You should also ensure that your new turf is kept moist until it is established.

Repairing an old lawn

If you already have a lawn, it will need some repair work to recover from the harsh winter months and prepare it for the spring and summer months ahead.

If you have not already scarified your lawn using a lawn scarifier. You should do that now if your lawn has problems with thatch and moss. Check out our March gardening blog for advice on scarifiying your lawn.

After you have scarified your lawn it is important to overseed your lawn with new grass seed to fill in any bare patches and promote strong, thick, healthy grass growth throughout the entire lawn.

Once your lawn has started to recover from scarifying, aerate your lawn using a lawn aerator machine or ‘tiner’. Your soil can become compacted and hard during the winter months; a hollow tine lawn aerator punches holes into your lawn and removes small plugs of earth to de-compact the soil. This improves drainage and allows air and nutrients into the soil to encourage healthy grass growth. Once you have used a lawn aerator on your lawn, you should collect the plugs of earth using a rake and either spread them over your flower beds or compost them.

Feeding your lawn

Now is the time to apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to your lawn to give it a boost for the start of the growing season. If you have not already given your lawn a feed in March, you can feed your lawn now and give it another feed in 6 weeks to give it an extra boost before summer.

Maintaining your lawn

Deal with any weeds in your lawn by removing them by hand or using a specialist lawn weed killer.

You will find that you will need to start mowing your lawn more regularly as growing season takes full effect. It is important to use a high quality lawn mower with adjustable cutting heights, as you should start the season by cutting on a high setting and lower the cut gradually as the season goes on. The key to proper lawn mowing practice in spring is to take little but often from the lawn, rather than to leave it for weeks and then shock the lawn with big scalping cuts.

Recut lawn edges using a pair of shears to straighten them up. Try installing lawn edging to make future maintenance easier. This extra detail helps to give your lawn a beautiful professional finish.

Hedge and tree maintenance

As your hedges and trees start to grow, you will need to prune and cut back small amounts regularly, to prune the branches for healthier growth and to keep them looking neat and tidy. You can use standard hedge trimmers for many garden hedges and bushes, long reach hedge trimmers for any tall hedges, or manual tree pruners or telescopic pole saws for high tree branches.

Further reading

For any more advice on what to do in the garden this month, take a look at our previous blogs on how to use a rotavator, how to scarify your lawn and how to aerate your lawn.

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