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Air Con Calculator

The capacity of air conditioners, as with heaters, is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU's). Which air conditioning unit you require, to effectively cool your space, will be determined by the size of the area, the number of occupants and any machinery being housed in the area.

You can use a simply formula to determine how many BTUs are required to effectively cool your area. To establish what BTU capacity will be required to cool the area, simply multiply the dimensions of the room to be cooled.

e.g.: length x breadth x height (in feet)

Then multiply this final figure by 5.

e.g.: 18ft x 12ft x 10ft = 2160 Cubic Feet

21.60 x 5= 10,800 BTU's

The Air Conditioner you would require for this area is a Medium Air Conditioning Unit.

This room size measurement is inclusive of up to 4 people, a pc and a photocopier. For each additional person and electrical unit, you will need to increase the total power requirement by 400 BTU's.

e.g.: in a room with 8 persons, a pc and a photocopier.

10,800 + (4 x 400) = 12,400 BTU's

The Air Conditioner you would now require for this is a Large Air Conditioning Unit.

Please remember that all air conditioners must be able to vent the accumulated hot air to outside the building, so consideration must be given to site the air conditioning unit near to an open window or below a suspended ceiling. We can supply additional ducting if needed, at a small extra charge.

Why Hire From Us?
Why Hire From Us?