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Tree Stump Grinder

Category: Garden Clearing
  • Portable Stump Grinder
  • 13hp Petrol Engine
  • Reduced Weight, Walk Behind Design
  • 14-inch Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel
  • Grinds Up To 300mm (12") Below Ground
  • Save 25% on Average UK Price
  • Hire for DIY or Trade
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  • Tree Stump Grinder Hire

    Remove tree stumps with ease

    Our tree stump grinders provide a fast, efficient and professional way of removing tree stumps from the ground after a tree has felled. These machines are powerful and robust pieces of equipment - they make light work of even large tree stumps in gardens, parks and more. These stump chippers can grind up to 300mm (12") below the ground surface.

    Heavy Duty Tree Stump Grinders

    Powerful. Tough. Robust.

    These Husqvarna tree stump grinders feature a 13hp petrol engine that powers a sharp blade on a rotating wheel. The blade rotates at great speed to chip away at tree stumps quickly and efficiently, leaving a pile of fine chips which can be raked together and collected, composted, or removed using a vacuum or blower machine. These professional machines take away the need to laboriously dig below the stump or hack at it with an axe in an effort to remove it.

    Chemical Free Tree Stump Removal

    Remove a tree stump without the use of harmful chemicals!

    Using a tree stump grinder is more environmentally friendly than using chemicals to kill the tree stump. Using a stump grinder, you remove the stump from the ground by tackling the roots first. You should grind across the roots in a sweeping action, angling the machine so that it grinds 1” down from the top of the roots. Then sweep back across the roots, at 1” lower than the first pass. Repeat until you have cleared all the roots. Once done, the trunk should then be approached in the same way, sweeping across the trunk, grinding 1.5” down each time until the stump has been removed. For more information, read our guide; How To Remove a Tree Stump.

    Tree Stump Grinder Hire Available Nationwide

    Hire online or over the phone. Collect from store, or we can deliver.

    You can book a stump grinder hire online or over the phone with our hire team. You can collect the machine from your local store at the start of the hire if you have suitable transport. Alternatively, we can deliver nationwide! We have a range of accessories available for purchase, including super grip work gloves, ear defenders and Personal Protection Packs. These packs include safety goggles, safety gloves, dust mask and earplugs. You can add these to your order during checkout.

    Please note: These machines are fitted with chip deflectors which help to prevent wood chips from flying into you and causing injury. However, you must also wear full safety equipment when using the machine – including a hard hat and protective visor, heavy-duty gloves, and ear defenders.

  • Specifications
    Based On: Husqvarna SG13
    Power: 13hp
    Idling Speed: 1250-1550rpm
    Fuel Tank Volume: 6.5l
    Cut Depth: 25.4cm
    Length: 157- 185cm depending on handle position
    Height: 61 - 109cm depending on handle position
    Width (Base Machine): 68.6cm
    Weight: 112.9kg
    Daily Exposure Hand/Arm - A(8): 2.81m/s²
    Equivalent Vibration Hand/Arm - ahv,eq: 3.97m/s²
    Standard Deviation Hand/Arm - ahv,eq: 0.4m/s²

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

Saturday Same-Day Hire is only available as Click & Collect. If you require delivery/collection by us, please select Friday as the start date and Saturday as the end date (for no extra cost).


Super Grip Gloves - Large  (£2.00)
Super Grip Gloves - Large  (£2.00)
Super Grip Gloves - Extra Large  (£2.00)
Super Grip Gloves - Extra Large  (£2.00)
Ear Defenders  (£4.00)
Ear Defenders  (£4.00)

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