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Thermobile ITA 35 Indirect Diesel Heater - 24kW

Thermobile ITA 35 Indirect Diesel Heater - 24kW

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Product Description

Thermobile ITA 35 Indirect Diesel Heater

Tough & robust 24kW space heater

The Thermobile ITA 35 is a tough and durable indirect fired diesel heater, designed and built to perform reliably in demanding commercial and industrial environments. As they are indirect heaters, the fumes produced during combustion are exhausted out of the top of the unit, while only clean, 100% safe, fume-free warm air is blown out of the front of the heater. Their indirect heating capability and their high build quality mean that Thermobile ITA 35 space heaters are ideal for heating enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces in industrial and commercial areas, such as workshops, sheds, barns, warehouses, factories, building sites, halls, marquees and much more.

Fast & Effective Heating

Premium components & high build quality

Thermobile ITA indirect heaters are high quality space heaters. They are designed and built to the highest standards, to ensure effective and reliable performance for long periods of time and in challenging conditions. The Thermobile ITA 35 diesel heater features a heat exchanger capable of up to 91% efficiency - these units rank among the most efficient of their type on the market today. The combustion chamber is heat resistant up to 850°C and it features strong powder-coated phosphated body panels designed to cope with knocks on site, and a clever one-way pipe system which helps prevent fuel disturbance. The ITA 35 also has a burner relay, photocell flame control and overheat thermostat protection, so safety is assured on site. These units are available in either 240v or 110v versions and they come mounted on a strong trolley with large wheels and a handle, which allows simple repositioning wherever they are required on site.

Accessories Available

Everything you need for heating a range of spaces

The Thermobile ITA 35 indirect space heater is available with a range of accessories which allow the unit to heat a huge range of spaces effectively and safely. Optional accessories include ducting in either 3m or 7.6m lengths, diffusers, flue, rain cowl and a thermostat. Enquire online or over the phone with our sales team for more information and pricing on these and to order a Thermobile ITA 35 indirect diesel space heater.

Product Detail
  • Thermobile ITA 35 Indirect Heater Specifications
    Heat output (Btu/hr): 85,000
    Heat output (kW): 24.8
    Fuel consumption oil max. (l/hr): 2.4
    Heated air flow (m3 /hr): 1500
    Tank capacity (l): 40
    Dimensions (including packaging): L= 129cm, W= 52cm, H= 85cm
    Weight: 76kg
    Voltage: 240v or 110v

    Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.