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Sharpliner Line Marking Machine

Sharpliner Line Marking Machine

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Product Description

Sharpliner Line Marking Machine

Aerosol line marking paint applicator

The Sharpliner line marking machine is an easy to use and effective 4 wheel line marking paint applicator. It is designed for use with Sharpliner 600ml line marking paint cans and it is ideal for car park line marking, road marking, playground marking, warehouse floor marking and a range of other applications.

Easy To Use Line Marker

Mark out your own car park in no time

The Sharpliner line marking machine allows you to mark out your own car park, road areas, paths, warehouses, playgrounds and more. Simply place a 600ml can of Sharpliner line marking paint in the can holder, position the machine where you want to begin line marking, pull the trigger to initiate the spray and walk forwards at a steady pace to begin marking out your area. The applicator features four large wheels and a guide arrow, which help you to mark out in accurate straight lines. These machines also have a line width adjustment feature and a storage area for extra cans, allowing you to change cans on the go when the can you are using runs out, or when you want to change colour.

Versatile Line Marking Machine

Ideal for car parks, roads, paths, warehouses, playgrounds and more

The Sharpliner line marking machine can be used on a range of different surfaces, indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for car park line marking, road marking, marking out paths, bays and pedestrian areas. It can be used indoors in factories, warehouses and sports halls, or outdoors in play areas, sports courts and walkways. Wherever you need to mark out, for whatever reason, you can use the Sharpliner line marking machine with Sharpliner line marking paint to get the job done.

Line Marking Tips

For the best possible finish

For the best line marking results, you must prepare the area properly before beginning the job. Sweep the surface to clear any stones, gravel or debris and ensure that you clean the area before applying the paint. You can use a pressure washer to blast away any dirt and grime from a concrete or tarmac surface. Once the surface is clean and dry, it is ready for marking. When marking outdoors, it is best to do the job on a dry, warm and still day. Spring and summer are the best times for line marking. Avoid line marking on wet or windy days, as this will affect the quality of the finish.

You can order a Sharpliner line marking machine and Sharpliner paint online through our website or over the phone with our sales team. Please note that our line marker equipment is not available to collect from our hire depots. It is available on a delivery only basis.

Product Detail
  • Item: Sharpliner Deluxe 4 Wheel Line Marking Machine
    Compatible With: Sharpliner Line Marking Paint 600ml Cans
    Applications: Car park line marking, road marking, playground marking, sports pitch marking, warehouse marking
    Availability: Delivery only

    Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.