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Peco Lift 3.5m Manual Access Platform

Pecolift 3.5m Manual Access Platform

  • 1.5m Maximum Platform Height
  • 3.5m Maximum Working Height
  • Push Around Low Level Access Platform
  • Manual Operation - Turn Handle To Elevate
  • Unlimited Lift Cycles 24/7
  • Eco-friendly With Minimal Running Costs
  • Compact Footprint & Mobile Design
  • Save 48% on Average UK Price
  • Hire for DIY or Trade

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  • Pecolift Hire

    Compact manual low level access platform

    The Pecolift is a safe, practical and convenient piece of access equipment with a manual turning handle to raise the platform. This manual operation allows the Peco Lift to be used constantly, without the need for downtime to recharge. It features a spacious work platform, simple push around design and it allows safe access to working heights of up to 3.5m. It offers a much safer and more convenient alternative to a ladder and it is ideal for tradespeople working on a range of inspection, installation and repair jobs at a height.

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  • Pecolift Hire

    Non-powered access equipment

    The Peco Lift provides safe, convenient and practical low-level access on site. It is an easy to use manual platform that uses no power source to propel it to the required height. There is no reliance on hydraulic oil, batteries or acid, and no need to worry about recharging on site. Simply step onto the Peco Lift platform and turn the operating handle to elevate it to a height of up to 1.5m for a working height of 3.5m. You can use this manually operated personnel lift 24/7 with unlimited lift cycles. There is no recharging or downtime needed. Booking a Peco Lift hire provides excellent convenience and value compared to hiring a larger powered access platform. It is economically friendly and has minimal running costs, with little maintenance.

    The Peco platform is compact, with a small footprint. It is ideal for busy and confined areas, and you can also manoeuvre it around sensitive objects and through doorways with ease. The Pecolift is perfect for short and long-term work at low-level heights, such as facility management, engineering, fit-outs, construction, surveying, cleaning, decorating, and more. As it is is quiet and doesn't produce any emissions, it is ideal for offices, shops, schools, hospitals, airports, factories, warehouses, construction sites, cleanroom activities, and more.

    You can push the Pecolift around a site quickly and easily without assistance. It is lightweight at just 180kg, and it is easy to control. The swing gates allow you to step onto the platform with ease, without climbing. The wheels on the chassis have secure brakes, but they are also auto-braked when someone enters the basket. The platform can only elevate when operated by hand, and the unit cannot be moved when it is elevated, reducing the risk of falls from heights or surfing. A convenient tool tray is integrated above the operating handle, allowing the operator to carry any tools, supplies and fittings needed to complete the job.

  • Manufacturer: Power Towers Ltd
    Maximum Platform Height: 1.5m
    Maximum Working Height: 3.5m
    Basket Dimensions: 720mm(l) x 600mm(w)
    Working Footprint: 985mm x 700mm
    Safe Working Load: 150kg (1 person + tools)
    Maximum Manual Force: 200N
    Maximum Gradient For Operation: 0 degrees
    Maximum Wheel Force: 125kg
    Maximum Castor Point Load: 125kg
    Sound Pressure Level: Less than 70dba
    Closed Dimensions: 985mm Length, 700mm Width, 1550mm Height, 180kg Weight

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

  • Peco Model: Standard Model
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