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MiTower Stairs Scaffold

Category: Access Towers
  • Extension For MiTower
  • Stairwell Access Tower
  • One Person Assembly
  • Stable, Strong & Robust
  • Ideal For Professional Use
  • For Working Safely On Staircases
  • Save 37% on Average UK Price
  • Hire for DIY or Trade

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Platform Height: 2.2m.
Working Height: 4.2m.

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  • MiTower Stairs Scaffold Hire

    Compact design. Safe access.

    We have MiStairs stair scaffold available for hire nationwide. These compact, slim scaffold towers are easy to build. They are designed to be built on stairs and steps to allow safe, secure and convenient access for one person above the stairway. These self-build scaffolds are just 728mm wide. The narrow width of these stair scaffold towers offers a greater scope of use than larger standard staircase scaffold towers, as they can fit in smaller stairways. Though if you are looking for a wider staircase scaffold tower, you can view our 950mm wide staircase scaffold towers.

    Ideal For Decorating, Installations & More

    Work securely, quickly & professionally

    These staircase scaffolds are perfect for completing painting, decorating, installations, repairs and more above stairs. They provide a safe and secure work platform from which you can work comfortably at a height and get the job done quickly, professionally and safely. With a MiStairs stairway scaffold tower, you have both of your hands free to complete the work and you can move about freely throughout the work area, whereas with a ladder you would have less mobility, less security and less comfort.

    Quick Build Stairwell Access Towers

    Fully assembled and ready to use in just 20 minutes

    MiStairs scaffold towers come with all of the frame sections and parts in a trolley base. You can puah the trolley through doorways and into lifts with ease, to transport the tower where it is needed. These stair scaffolds can be erected by two people in just 20 minutes. They feature a practical walkthrough gate that allows you to pass through the base of the tower, up and down the stairs freely. Access to the work platform is achieved via the integrated ladder section, inside the frame of the tower, and through a trapdoor in the work platform. This ensures that these scaffold towers meet 3T standards. They are also compliant with EN1004 Class 3 and BS1139 Part 6, the standard for scaffold towers.

    Range Of Sizes Available

    Offering a maximum working height of 6.7m

    These stair scaffolds are available in a range of sizes. You can book a MiStair stair scaffold tower with a working height of 4.2m (2.2m platform), 4.7m (2.7m platform), 6.2m (4.2m platform) or 6.7m (4.7m platform). If you order a 6.2m tower, you have the option to build a small tower when required, using just some of the parts to reach a 4.2m working height. If you order a 6.7m tower, you have the option to build a small tower using just some of the parts to reach a 4.7m working height. The range of stair scaffold tower sizes that we offer allows a great range of access to complete all kinds of jobs above staircases and steps. You can full the full specs of each model below.

    Please note: These staircase scaffolds are 728mm wide. Please measure the width of your stairs before booking a hire to ensure that they would fit. Platform heights are measured from the bottom step up to the platform deck.

  • Model Specifications
    Working Height: 4.2m. Handrail Height: 3.2m. Platform Height: 2.2m.
    Working Height: 4.7m. Handrail Height: 3.7m. Platform Height: 2.7m.
    Working Height: 6.2m. Handrail Height: 5.2m. Platform Height: 4.2m.
    Working Height: 6.7m. Handrail Height: 5.7m. Platform Height: 4.7m.

    Platform Dimensions: 1021mm x 610mm
    Overall Width: 728mm
    Overall length: 1170mm

    Please note: This product description and specification is based on the model most widely stocked across our network of partner stores. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.

    • Combination Ladders

      4 Multi-Purpose Configurations

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      Combination Ladders
      Average UK Price £58.06
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    • Scaffold Tower

      Working Heights of 3.2m to 14.2m

      DIY & Trade  |   Save 39%   |  Best Availability

      Scaffold Tower
      Average UK Price £98.82
      Our Price From £59.91

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    • Stair Scaffold

      Ideal For Decorating a Staircase

      DIY & Trade  |   Save 33%   |  Best Availability

      Stair Scaffold
      Average UK Price £140.62
      Our Price From £93.81

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